Lamebook is a fun humor blog that allows us to all share and marvel at the funny, ridiculous, and outright crazy posts that can be found on your favorite social networking site.  Because let’s be honest, we all have one of those friends.  The website documents user-submitted content that ranges from family members sharing too much personal information to cringeworthy conversations between lovers to bizarre and hilarious photos.  But don’t worry, the names and faces are blurred to protect the … guilty.

Feel free to submit your own findings here and we will do our best to post them!

All content is user-submitted and we ensure that those who submit will remain anonymous. We also ensure that all last names and faces in the submissions will be blurred out. However if you do recognize that you have been posted on Lamebook and would like to be removed, simply send us an email by clicking here, making sure to include the title of the particular post in your email and we will remove the post right away. Please note that if the email is sent during the weekend we may not get around to deleting it until the beginning of the next week.