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Who doesn’t like a good recipe? Recently I found a great one for some no-bean chili … and boy was it good. But honestly, (maybe I’m alone here), I have never ever once in my whole life wondered what the recipe for a good teacher is. Ever. I just can’t help but wonder where the hell this came from. Did this come from Jessica’s brain? Did she make this shit up? Or did it come from one of those cutesy teacher books that are only sold in stores with wooden crafts on the wall? Point is, it doesn’t matter. You can’t use the metric system for things such as “knowledge” or “dedication” … it’s impossible … and ridiculous. And how the hell do you grab a “pinch of humility?” Growing up, my recipe for a good teacher was a bunch of leaving me alone, a whole lotta hotness, and good deal of looking the other way. So thank you Jessica for making this post, but I’m afraid this list will not make it into anyone’s recipe box.

♥ The Editors



Congratulations to Rachel for being our very first “Lamester.” The Lamesters are basically the editor’s pick of the day. The post that out-lames all of the others. Rachel I hate to break it to you, but Hoobastank (which you misspelled, silly) or 3 Doors Down are not bands that you will find at the top of anyone’s playlists. Those bands suck. And what’s with the hostility? Here we are all are minding our own business when BAM, Rachel drops us an online f-bomb because she’s fortunate enough to be backstage with some dirty old guys. A skank with a few drinks down is a scary thing, but I hope you had a good (and safe) time.

♥ The Editors