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It’s not uncommon that many of us forget what the “www” stands for at the beginning of a web address. To refresh your memory it means, “World Wide Web”. That’s right. The Internet is accessible WORLD WIDE. To the far reaches of our beloved planet, the Internet has sunk its claws deep into any patch of land it finds. And here, it has found Jasmine.  Most likely, you and I will never run into Jasmine. Her exact location probably could not be discovered even by Google Earth. You see, she lives in a world that fantasies are made of. In fact, if you were to peruse her friends list on Facebook, you’d find that they are all animals. Yes, she lives with Mr. Cat. She takes a daily stroll with Mrs. Wolf and she buys groceries from Mr. Cow. To post on Facebook that someone has tried to steal her baby egg, may in fact seem lame to readers like you and I. But for Jasmine, it’s just another day spending time on her social networking.

Cocky Tattoos



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Looks like I just found myself a D-A-T-E! How about it? By the choice of body art, I’d say you’re one classy female.  Too bad they made cockfighting illegal, it would have been a fantastic first date! Nothing says romantic like the sound of a rooster dying. Hmm…well…how about dinner? No wait! I have a better idea! Why don’t we just skip dinner and go straight to dessert? You can show me those other tattoos. Here’s a photo of my tattoo. I support animal fights too!

It’s Complicated



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It definitely wasn’t complicated to figure out who today’s lamester award goes to. Sierra, we congratulate you! It sounds like you have had a pretty rough year, while ol’ Gary has been livin’ it up. So here is your award. Go shove it in Gary’s face. Who knows? He just might take you back.


Madden ‘LOL



lol i totes understnd lol. why do these gyz keep plyn games lol? my bf iz the sme way lol and he alwayz wntz to play lol but lol i guess i’ll figure out how 2 deal wit it lol omg lol lol lol l o my god.

My Gun!!!


My Gun

Well crap.  Sometimes here at Lamebook we screw up.  Here we are, thinking that this was some lame post containing a baby with a lethal weapon laying on top of him when really it’s just a promotional poster for the new movie “Look Who’s Shooting.”  The movie is a hilarious comedy staring John Turturro and previous recordings of Bruce Lee as the baby’s voice.

What happens when a new-to-the-scene bank robber decides to pull off the ultimate heist without a bit of planning?  I think you know … But wait, a talking baby, strapped with a gat shows up on the scene?!  Oh no!!  Who knows what will happen?!  Be sure to check local listings for times and locations.

Dust Thruster



We really enjoyed this post. We enjoyed it so much that we did a little research and found out that Ashley is actually an actress working in LA. After a little more digging, we found a commercial starring our very own Ashley. Check out her steamy hot tub scene!

I wonder if she is a natural blonde?