Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Corey and Kony


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  1. Mario and Dreddy

    Phew. I was going to rant about how stupid the whole Kony thing is and veer off into a tangent about Africa capitalizing on white guilt and about the rampant corruption that ensures a dozen of people just like Kony are ready to take his place. I was hoping to finish with a diatribe about how US-backed or transnational intervention on the continent has historically worsened the region and actually contributed to more bloodshed. But there are some smart people here who know this, even if it’s not spelled out directly.

    If this campaign is successful in terms of funneling obscene amounts of currency (read: munitions) into the hands of the most corrupt, abusive, and repressive regimes on the planet, expect to be reading wall posts from appalled friends about massacres, genocides, uprisings, and terrorism in neighboring countries. Or maybe not, since mainstream media doesn’t care if Africans die and clearly there’s not enough interest in the Western world in Africa or this Kony thing would have been solved about a billion years ago. Ya know, when people who know what the fuck they’re talking about were already aware of him (and the fifteen guys just like him ready to take his place in Uganda, Liberia, and every unstable African nation).

    But what’s easier than doing some research? Clicking Like and bitching that others aren’t doing the same.

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