Monday, May 2, 2011




  1. See, the whole point of lameness is that we can actually see it and judge for ourselves, lamebook fail.

    The swear words offend me as well lamebook. Useless fuckers

  2. cockneyplebel

    for a moment there I thought her boyfriend and father were the same person.

  3. cockneyplebel

    Also ‘F**kbook’ describes itself as ‘Fuckbook – Adult DatingFind like-minded, easy-going people who share the same interests and ideas about a relationship’. I had to google, curiosity got better of me.

    In a nutshell ‘F**kbook is a petri dish of desease and infection. Classy guy She got/had there.

  4. manybellsdown

    If you guys are getting sued by Facebook, and this monstrosity is not, there’s no justice in this world.

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