Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Caption Contest



  1. Bruce Wayne is not looking so hot these days

  2. No one was happy with the choice of Ben Affleck for Batman but Val Kilmer took it the hardest.

  3. Val Kilmer invented the phrase “bad hair day”.

  4. Tim just put his sunglasses back on and looked away. He couldn’t watch Worzel fall off the wagon again.

  5. I said im your fuckin huckleberry!!!!!

  6. The plaque for the alternates is down in the ladies room.

  7. Who wants to buy Batmans hair? Daddy needs cake!

  8. Val Kilmer auditioning for the Britney Spears lifetime movie.

  9. Val Kilmer wanted a Justin Bieber style hair cut.
    “I think you need a pair of panties on your head” I screamed at him
    “Why’s that?” he asked
    “Because you look like fucken cunt” I replied

  10. Val shows off his real genius using this top secret knife technique to cut hair.

  11. Just wait world….One day soon, I will once again be….THE BATMAN!

  12. “If Miley can become the center of attention with some on-stage antics – SO CAN I! Now I just need a foam finger and some plastic clothing!”

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