Monday, November 22, 2010

Hacked In Sacked Out



  1. Out of all of the posts on here, right from ‘Daddy’s Girl’ through to the common old tits-out-with-a-kid-in-the-background, this one’s the one that brings a lump to your throat…

  2. I don’t understand this at all and my eyes hurt from trying to read the tiny writing

  3. He’s a deadbeat drunk and his gf jacked his cell and talked smack about him

  4. It’s not his girlfriend, it’s “the boy”

  5. idk, but I zoomed in to read the tiny letters and it still makes no sence.

  6. *lacks self control


    *has no self control


    lacks no self control…. perhaps that’s why it’s soooo confusing.

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