Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kenneth Crushes



  1. Actually, when the pilgrims first landed on plymouth rock, they outlawed christianity completely. You could be fined or put in jail for celebrating christmas or responding to a sneeze with “bless you”. America was founded to ESCAPE christianity.

    also, Obama is not muslim. he is a christian, just like you.

  2. So…OWNED.

  3. Actually, the pilgrims were a group of English Separatists fleeing the Church of England. They were traveling to America to escape the religious intolerance of Europe. But they were still strongly Christian. They left their country and homeland for purely religious reasons. They did not outlaw Christianity at all. They might have rid themselves of some seemingly unnecessary holidays that they viewed as superfluous, but even that is unlikely. They were just strong supporters of religious freedom because of the persecution they had faced in Europe.

    And actually the Anabaptists were one of the first people to promote the separation of church and state, and because of that they were widely persecuted during the Reformation. They were the ancestors of the Quakers. Thomas Jefferson was just one of the many founding fathers who supported that belief.

  4. And Obama’s not a muslim, he’s a communist. They don’t have religions……

  5. Kenneth FTW! 🙂

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