Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lamebooker Challenge: Meet Sabrina

Take Sabrina on more adventures with this handy cutout:

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Made by Lamebooker Shari F.

Made by Lamebooker David H.

Made by Lamebooker Heather K.

Made by Lamebooker Dmitry

Made by Lamebooker Regina

Made by Lamebooker Patrick

Made by Lamebooker Jon

Made by Lamebooker Mike

Made by Lamebooker Shyla

Made by Lamebooker Casey

Made by Lamebooker Kelly

Made by Lamebooker Kelly

Made by Lamebooker Pedja

Made by Lamebooker Mathilde

Made by Lamebooker Angela

Made by Lamebooker Smudge

Made by Lamebooker Brenden

Made by Lamebooker Jeremy

Made by Lamebooker Jeremy

Made by Lamebooker Jeremy

Made by Lamebooker Christopher

Made by Lamebooker Xiao

Made by Lamebooker Xiao

Made by Lamebooker Brad

Made by Lamebooker Stubs

Made by Lamebooker UnicornV

Made by Lamebooker James

Made by Lamebooker James

Made by Lamebooker Nandita

Made by Lamebooker Nandita

Made by Lamebooker Charlie

Made by Lamebooker Kayla

Made by Lamebooker Amy

Made by Lamebooker Amy

Made by Lamebooker Amy

Made by Lamebooker Amy

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  1. OMFG! A ghost! On lamebook! What next?!?! At least the last two chairs somewhat represent the rest of her body…

  2. right, so is the big pale blue smear a chair, then? I thought it was her body…

  3. Half-heartedly tried to attach her head to Jabba the Hutt’s body, failed, gave up. You get the picture though…

  4. “Take Sabrina on more adventures with this handy cutout” Haha love it!

  5. Take Sabrina on more adventures with a hover-round!

  6. I would put her in my line of fire if she were real.

  7. No legs, one arm, webbed fingers and now a star of lamebook..
    Sabrina is truly winning at life.

  8. s’not like you’d have to try very hard…I don’t even think the stormtrooper effect applies to this…

  9. #7, franky. you forgot to add ‘massive fat fuck’ to your handy summary.

  10. Lamebook trying to start their own meme has to be the pinnacle of lameness

  11. I didn’t forget. I just thought it would be wrong to make fun of someone for suffering from a disease they have no control over.

  12. it rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again

  13. In the first photo she almost blends into the background… Oh wait… she is the fucking background.

  14. So the internet hive or mindless drones has found a overweight woman to pick on. How clever of you all! Hahahaha! It’s funny ’cause she’s ‘fat’ Hahaha!

    Mouthbreathing rednecks with keyboards. Scourge of civilization.

  15. ^*it’s funny ‘coz she’s massively fat

  16. To a inbred Hillbilly anything ‘fat’ is funny.

  17. #14 It’s funny because she photoshopped the same “sexy” picture of herself onto three different backgrounds.

  18. @14: *have
    @16: *an

    And I disagree, timMOO, massively obese women (and men) with keyboards are the scourge of civilization.

    Also, that shit is funny as all get-out-and-go! YEEHAW!

  19. @14 – Yes we do, so what? It’s my firm belief that apart from a minority of folk who are overweight for medical reasons, fat people on the whole have brought such ridicule on themselves for being such overindulgent, undisclipined greedy fucks. Being fat is like an advertising board saying, ‘I’m a fucking weak minded pig and can’t help my pathetic ass self from downing 9000 calories a day…’

  20. I see. So for whatever reason they are overweight, you take it upon yourself to insult and degrade and bully them for your own amusement. Thanks for clearing that up. At least you admit you are an inbred, douchenozzle, twizzledick. Kudos for that anyway.

  21. ^ Yes. Yes I do. Get over yourself (if you can, fatty).

  22. toddvanhamburger

    You crossed the line with twizzledick. Let’s watch the harsh language.

  23. This is awesome. I’d motorboat the shit out of them tittaaaaayyyysss too.

  24. @timmoo – take your empathy trolling elsewhere you prick

  25. I almost did Nazi her in the last picture.

  26. Sorry, Mr Internet Tough Guy, but I don’t take orders from bullies or twizzledicks.

  27. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    @26 and for that you deserve the contents of my bag. Would you like a straw with that?

  28. LOL.

  29. Sure, send your bag my way. It’s not like you or anyone else will miss it.

  30. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    Sorry I’ve just attached a fresh bag and I don’t have any full bags laying around, you pervert. You’ll have to wait for the next batch.

  31. How kind of you to offer that big boned fella a straw, stoma. Personally I woulda loved to see you catapult that shit medieval style! You shouldn’t have any problem filling it up in a hurry, cuz, ya know, like everyone else here you’re completely full of shit! 🙂

  32. if we didn’t laugh at fatties, we’d spend more time laughing at the stupid.
    and then timmoo, you’d get so much attention. would that make you happier, you miserable sack of crap?

  33. toddvanhamburger

    Oooo. You gonna take that timmoo?

  34. Hahaha on picture #2 did anyone else notice the microwave in the entertainment center??

  35. ^ Nice. You don’t even have to leave the room to make a whole bunch of them there Hot Pockets! SOOOIEEE!!

    @MsAnne: But timMOO has that “rare” double-shot to make fun of: fat AND stupid. So it doesn’t really matter.

  36. toddvanhamburger

    Lol at James’ posts. All the ice cream is sold out. Genius.

  37. Dropped Your Heart

    I enjoyed the Titanic and Office pictures.
    These remind me of Cartman….

  38. Wow. You guys were busy.

  39. James wins.

  40. @timmoo, this was supposed to be funny because she added her picture to some backgrounds, the outcome of which looked pretty ridiculous. It doesn’t matter if she’s fat or not, the hilarity would be the same. Nice try though.

  41. the phanton fatlady

  42. Holy shit, you’re right, beatus, there were a lot more than last time I looked!
    I do like James’ one as the iceberg in Titanic – very nice. But for some reason the dumpster one just made me laugh out loud.

  43. ^I liked the buffet one. the angle was all fucked up, but it was still the most realistic place you’d find her.

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