Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Merry Ex-Mas




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  1. How does one rape and kill their wife, and get out of jail?

  2. (I don’t really care, just ruining someones chance at firsting)

  3. Fuck Christina. She’s probably the type of ex that will bitch endlessly no matter what Brian does. It’s all about her and what she wants and she’s probably the type that sits on her ass waiting for the child support to show up so she can go and blow it.

  4. You can’t rape your own wife – you own her!

  5. LMAO Poor Timmy…

  6. the first… meh.

    the second… not lame… just really depressing.

    the third… poor tim. hahah.

  7. Christina is the kind of whore you avoid like the plague because you know she’s a cunning and deceiving slut!

    I don’t know why Jason sounds so happy. He must be passive aggressive. We can only hope Danny keeps him away from clock towers! – i feel sorry for Jason, that’s a harsh thing to go through.

    I wonder if Tim’s ex is wearing a elf hat? The way i read that is his room mate was wearing the santa hat. Either way,, sucks to be you buddy!

  8. Hey maybe Tim was too tiny to stay with the girl lmao

  9. the third one was great ha ha ha

  10. Anyone notice the dash in Danny’s name in the second one? I see more and more people doing this. I also noticed that having a character like that in front of a name places that person at the top of all their friends lists. Is that why people do it? Curious…

  11. Do you think Tim’s roommate dressed as Santa was in the process of emptying his sack into Tim’s ex? At least he only cums once a year.

  12. The Scarlet Pimple

    Geez, who’s the dick who posted the second one?
    IF it’s real, and I had seen it, I think I would have just felt really uncomfortable and navigated away quickly.
    What kind of person sees that and thinks “LAAAAAAAAMEBOOOOOOK!”?

  13. Bucky – people who put characters before their name on facebook to appear top of all their friends lists are probably the same people who comment ‘first’ all the time on Lamebook….

  14. the second one is really akward , it’s like they are competing to see who has the worst dad …

    i feel for the third one, that’s just not something you want to see.

  15. Good thing they were the “ex”.

  16. @dinosgorawr LOL

  17. Ho Ho Ho! It’s horrible Christmas is tainted badly by these kinds of images.

    Christmas should be filled with love, not materials/hatred for humankind.

  18. Here’s to hoping Christina ends up in the hospital so she’ll think twice about being a selfish prick.

  19. jason’s dad should drink and then visit Christina

  20. lmfao @lamebookpro. Agreed.

    Whoever added Jason’s to lamebook is a Prick. And the third seemed almost intentional he’d walk in.

  21. ApplesauceBitch: Agreed! How awful and sad. Hearing about that isn’t funny or lame at all. It doesn’t need to be up. 🙁

  22. I’d hit Christina. But not in the nice way.

  23. Second one isn’t lame, it’s just sad. Only recently found this site, recommending it to friends as funny is something I’m now regretting if this is indicative of content.

  24. The second one IS lame imo. That’s horrific, obviously, and the fact that I feel sorry for the kid goes without saying BUT why the FK would you post that kinda thing on FB for all to see?

  25. @ 24:
    Maybe because it’s traumatic, and he needs to talk about it to ease some of the pressure, especially now he’s recently heard his dad is actually out of jail. Poor guy, what a start to his life 🙁

    I only hope it’s some kind of insane joke. But even so, things like that have happened. We are all responsible for taking action at the tiniest suspicion that a child lives under indecent conditions.

  26. Fran…that is because Facebook not only serves as a social networking site, but also as a rehabilitation site for the mentally ill.

  27. i don’t like think jason and danny’s conversation is lame or funny. i think it’s serious. men aren’t supposed to talk about their trauma histories, and i think it’s awesome that danny said ‘hugs’ and that jason can admit that he was a witness to a heinous crime.

    i don’t think people should hide parts of themselves from public view. i think they should think before they post, and laugh at themselves when they get laughed at, because we’ve probably all posted something that would make it to lamebook (I have, and that’s how i found out lamebook existed – the person who posted me on lamebook then sent me a link). part of it has to do with the content, but i’m proud it got there. i wanted to get people all riled up and i succeeded beyond my wildest dreams.

    but anyway…yeah….HOW a rapist/murderer gets out of jail i do NOT comprehend.

    also, i wonder how ugly that bitch was that she was willing to spread ’em for a guy wearing a santa hat. how hideous.

  28. Diva, shut up. your obviously an attention whore like these losers.
    I real man would have killed pop-duke on christmas morning, and don’t give me that he was only 3 sh*t.

  29. Oh, shut up. #2 IS funny. Not because of what happened, but because Jason is such an attention whore that he’d post that on FB. Grow up, all of you.

  30. Haha OMG! The comments on here are way more hilarious than the posts themselves!

    Lamebook FTW!

  31. Oh boo hoo, “-Jason”. When I was 3, I really, really wanted a Nintendo Entertainment System for Christmas and I was good all year and did my chores and you know what? I didn’t fucking get one. I would have been thrilled if my dad had killed my cheap slut of a mother for me. And don’t try using that sob story to get laid, girls don’t like hearing about rape.

  32. I cannot believe Santa was pumping an elf at Tims house! I wonder if the Elf paid Santa in cookies and milk? Santa wouldn’t want any extra cream considering he just gave it all to the Elf!

  33. You are all taking Jason at his word. Does it occur to anyone that perhaps he is LYING about why his dad was in prison? I’m not saying he is, I’m just saying that it is POSSIBLE that what Jason is saying isn’t true.

  34. *submitted too early* whoops.

    So if you take into account that he is possibly not telling the truth, then it becomes funny because of what ‘ofpartandparcel’ said.

  35. first of all “tim” that wasn’t your roommate you walked in on. and second of all, that’s not your ex girl friend, it’s your mother…so no reason to get all upset and light the fuse on the your tampon

  36. I have read Tim’s post six times and I still can’t figure out if the roommate or the ex was wearing the santa hat. How am I supposed to visualize it without an accurate description?

  37. FlapjacksAreAmazing

    Timmy should have posted that on FML as well

  38. Sounds like Timmy’s ex is a ho ho ho.

  39. Damn…what a waste of a Santa hat

  40. It is nice to see people are already getting into the Christmas spirit!

  41. She’s his ex, he should have filmed it and posted it on the web. That way his mate gets kudos for fucking while wearing a santa hat and the ex gets branded a slut for making a porno.
    Win win situation

  42. @36, Dr. Hymen, you have just ruined my world… all along I assumed it was the roommate wearing the santa hat, but I have just re-read it and realised that it might have been the ex. Here’s one for you though… perhaps it was Tim wearing it? As in, “Wearing a Santa hat, I just walked in on my roommate banging my ex.”

  43. awful, you crack me up 🙂

  44. Am I the only one who wants to have sex with a guy wearing a Santa hat now?

  45. @44 yes.

  46. insert clever name here

    @lamebookpro #19
    Epic win!

  47. @Finn : FTW – totally true. But I am just a russian slut who plots revenge against anyone who crosses me… Must be in my blood.

    @Exploding Minx : No, I want to do a HOT guy in a santa hat too…

  48. that jason one is fucked up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. @Svetlana: I am not hot, but I will wear a Santa hat for you 😉

  50. Ho Ho Ho

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