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  1. I’m really not drama starved enough to post here, but a good friend told me about Nia and her slam page.

    First off thanks to the people who noticed the correct sequence
    for this conversation is out of order and therefore out of context. I’m going to perhaps post the whole “story” if the site allows.

    I’m not out seeking approval. If anything I’m seeking love.
    I’m not some shy, creepy, pedophile that drives a windowless van. I think these comments are funny only because of who I REALLY am, although if I didn’t have a great sense of humor I might find them hurtful. To the many Nia supporters who mostly seem female (suprise) is it possible you are partly basing your comments on past experiences you’ve had and not my posts at all?? In my opinion, I did not (at first) give her a reason to be rude. She could have not replied at all just as I could have chosen to ignore her being rude. The bottom line is none of you truly know me. You are forming opinions of me
    based on my age, a few comments. In this age of reality television, internet, twitter etc… we all just dearly love our opinions, small details of other people’s lives. I dont spell check this stuff. I make typos (to some of the first posters) it doesnt mean im unintelligent it means im lazy on this one thing.

    Someone please tell me why is it that a guy just can’t be older and nice? or distinguished? or intelligent??
    If any part of what I wrote is concidered creepy then perhaps it was because I was persistent! Something about her opening
    comment of “seriously?” just set me off. A really creepy guy would have sent millions of those messages all over facebook!
    Why couldnt or shouldnt that have been taken seriously? Like many others dating online I set my heart out on my sleeve to have it torn to shreds, but I just felt she was just incredibly rude. She didn’t come out and say I was ugly she said too old. If that is her pref, then fine. Was I serious? Yes. I think she had a nice photo, I took a shot it failed, but ladies and gentleman it never EVER hurts to have manners and just to be polite. Her posting all this goes beyond facebook IMO. She edited this little slice of life and re-posted it to try and make her feel better about herself. I challenge her to post the real thing. Go ahead Nia or perhaps I’ll just send this slam page to my lawyer???

  2. I read it in sequential order, and her validity was shot down when you called her out on what she had not yet said. Kudos Joe/Jakeroo, whoever you are.

  3. First off, her name isn’t ‘Nia’ so how you can be just some nice older man with out knowing her name blows my mind and second she wasn’t interested and you criticized her life decisions. You’re just a desperate guy with false confidence so you should probably move along.

  4. Thanks klynn402. and stephx123 say what you will about me, but whatever name you call this girl doesnt alter the fact of her desparate need for attention. The mere fact that she posts this says what about her exactly? This part of facebook was not public. She chose to put it over the internet with my face and good name. I have had friends come to this page and read this. If you know this girl tell her to take it down or she might find herself in serious legal trouble. I have already shown this slam page to my lawyers. I want to thank you for calling me desparate or anything else bad you can thin of because if I print this out and show it to a judge every insult or slander against me will help my case agains her!

  5. and Mia FTW??? what exactly did you win?

  6. Ruining your good name? You don’t even know your own name, so how can Mia ruin it? And besides, it’s edited out here.
    Jake, or Joe, or whoever you are: You ARE a creeper. Would you treat a young woman in public this way? Odds are good you don’t have the confidence to go up to women in public. And if you do actually do this in public, it’s horribly misguided. Insulting her just because she doesn’t want to talk to you? I’m betting you get rejected a lot, so it’s odd you’d react this way about it still. It should come as no surprise. And yes, Mia has a lot of female supporters because of past experiences with far far FAR too many weird, creepy, self-absorbed whack jobs like you. All she said was you’re too old for her, and she wasn’t interested, and you go off on some weirdass soliloquy about how she’s going to wind up a divorced, broke, single mother. Fuckin SERIOUSLY? Are you that stupid to think that just because she’s rude to dudes who don’t take no for an answer that her whole life is going to suck? Yes, I’m sooo sure how she acts to a 40-something creeper who can’t find women his own age because they’re mature enough to be wise to his game is directly relevant to how she acts to everyone else.
    The problem here isn’t Mia being rude or Mia being “judgmental.”
    The problem is you and men like you: You think you are God’s gift to all of womanhood and we should bow and worship you, and be grateful you decided to pay attention to us lowly womenfolk and bask in your awesomeness. Yeah, fuck you and every guy like you. If you’d all stop being so damn attention-starved, needy, clingy, weird, creepy and self-absorbed, Mia and other women wouldn’t have to tell you to piss off.

  7. Yes, it’s out of order. I made the mistake of hitting enter before I was done typing what I wanted to say. So I deleted it, and combined it with the rest of my response. Sue me. (No seriously, sue me. Lolz.)
    But I did no editing whatsoever. Jake/Joe, I’m willing to give everyone my password to Facebook and let them check out my inbox themselves.

    Also, prior to this message you were arguing with me about something really stupid on Trevor’s wall. Tony Jaa vs. Jackie Chan, yes? I didn’t mean to be a cunt (at that point), I just thought it was funny you’d hit on me after making fun of what I said about Tony Jaa.

    BUT kudos to everyone who recognized that I was being a bitch because that was kind of my goal.

    C’mon, single mom with bills to pay? And after that you even assumed I was an ESL student? Is it because I’m Asian? You probably think I eat dogs and cats too, right?
    Lolz, bro u be s2pid.
    Also, you can make fun of my job at a coffee shop as much as you want, it’s cool, because I feel sorry for myself too. And to answer your question, no I don’t have my associate’s.

    But at least I’m not 25+ years old man auditioning for a stupid zombie movie that two teenagers are doing, with an “awesome degree in theater.”

  8. “I have already shown this slam page to my lawyers. I want to thank you for calling me desparate or anything else bad you can thin of because if I print this out and show it to a judge every insult or slander against me will help my case agains her!”

    Oh boo hoo. Go ahead and tell everyone else that’s been insulted on the internet to get their lawyer too. While you’re at it you might as well sue Lamebook for all the posts on here!

    And if I’m not mistaken, your last name is hidden and your photo is well beyond recognition. I’m sure you’ll be okay.

  9. Now he’s threatening to sue you for publishing his already-public Facebook posts onto Lamebook? Was that before or after he tried to hit you up, or before or after he told you that you were going to be a miserable old divorcee and a lousy parent? All this because you told the filthy pedophile creep to get the hell away from you, and however you did it, Mia, was more polite than the kick in the nuts he deserves for creeping all over the internet after young women. Makes me sick. And then he wants to school you in appropriate behavior? Jeez, give me a f***ing break already. Joe whoever you are, you are a repulsive letch and you need to stay away from women of all ages. You clearly have issues with making poor choices. I think you should choose to stay off the internet and start looking for some kind of support group. Any one will do. You appear to need many different kinds. Mia, rock on. Any way you post that, he’s still a creep and I think you went easy on him.

  10. If I said “I’m sorry, you’re too old and I’m not interested.” I still feel like you would have responded with the same bullshit.

    Well, maybe not. But you did kinda tell me I’d be a miserable woman with bills and junk. You’re either a genius or really fucking dumb to get to that conclusion over a Facebook message. But I’m going to go with really fucking dumb since you thought my name was Nia. It was literally right in front of you.

    Anyway, Jake/Joe. I am sincerely sorry for hurting your old man pride. How’s that for an apology?

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