Monday, January 9, 2012

One Upped



  1. This guy sounds like a prick. Nothing wrong with being gay, but neither is there anything wrong with being polite. Why are we supposed to side against the lady? Because she’s middle eastern?

  2. No dumbass. You’re supposed to side against the lady because she was a rude bitch who ignored the direction of a flight attendant twice, and, on the third time, gave a ridiculously insolent response that made her completely undeserving of any respect whatsoever. That’s why you should side against her. It had nothing to do with ethnicity or sexual orientation– you’re actually the only one who’s being a bigot here, by pointing it out as if it had to do with the outcome.

  3. This is a joke by stand up comedian ANT. This chick is just pawning it off as a story that “happened” to her.

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