Thursday, June 11, 2009

Spelt Check



Let’s see … where do we start with this one?  Everything about it is … how do you say … “gold.” First we start with the overall idea.  Katie meets Mandy, Mandy meets Katie, they hit it off.  Then Mandy decides to solidify their new friendship by opening that program that “I think her little brother, like, uses it, called like Photoshop or something.”  She opens the program, finds a wacky (but friendly font), then … Aw screw it these girls are morons.

♥ The Editors

At Least One Has Straight As


That’s Shady, Grady


Wednesday, June 10, 2009




Rachel, good Lord.  Keep the photos of your baby baking factory to share with your main squeeze but not with the poor folks who had to find this on their Facebook feed.  Oh … and yeah … Congrats on the new rugrat.

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Holy Weak


Get Her Tea, For the Love of God

Get Her Tea