Community Standards

Guidelines and Rules for the Lamebook Community.

By registering an account (username and password) with you are agreeing to meet or exceed these standards while contributing any comments (“Feedback”) to These guidelines help maintain a communal (and positive) online experience.

  1. Do not publish anyone’s private information, including (but not limited to), links to personal websites and/or profiles, full names, email addresses, phone numbers, contact information.
  2. Do not submit pictures with the intention to hurt someone’s feelings.
  3. Do not seek out individuals featured in Lamebook posts with the intention to harass him/her.
  4. Do not post comments that are hateful, vulgar, or contain offensive language. They will be deleted.
  5. Save any arguing and/or fighting for the Playground.

Failure to meet these standards could result in your account being deleted from and/or your IP address being banned, disabling you from viewing the website. It is necessary that’s members follow these guidelines to ensure no one is bothered and/or harassed.