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Lashing Out

THEORY OF THE DAY: Jack-in-the-box toys are meant to train kids to become adults who don’t jump in fear when the toaster pops your bread up. It didn’t work, right? Does everyone jump when the toaster pops your bread up? Someone needs to invent a toaster that silently pops, so we can feel tough while eating a Toaster Strudel.


Hairy Potters

Has anyone else noticed the people they are quarantined with use WAY TOO MUCH toilet paper? Are they eating it?? We need Captain Planet to team up with that Charmin bear for an after school special. AND PLEASE FOLLOW @LAMEBOOK ON INSTAGRAM!

Quarantine Diaries

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Stolen Iden-kitty

Are you allowed to wear a mask to the bank? Is it rude not to wear a mask? These times are crazy. Please disable your adblocker (whitelist us), because it means a lot to us! Don’t steal cats! And don’t watch the movie “Cats!”

Back To The Present

It’s April Fool’s Day! Prank yourself by changing 10 names in your phone contacts to “Mom” and see what happens! And please whitelist Lamebook on your adblocker! It would be awesome of you.

Tossed In The Sound

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