Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Difference

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  2. ^ We all thought you had died. I guess the celebrations were for naught. Although, they were fun celebrations.

  3. Facebook has shown how many few intellectual conversations actually exist in the world.

  4. Derpina’s hot.

  5. Sadly, this seems to be true on Facebook. Someone types something meaningful, few to no people seem to notice. Another person types some form of “OMGWTFLOLBBQ” and it gets likes and comments like crazy.

  6. redundant

    So close.

  7. Wow! That guy has an all-in-one moustache/set of arms!

  8. My iPhone doesn’t have fucking “moustache” in it’s vocabulary?? It kept trying to make me write “moist ache.” Dirty motherfucker.

  9. true? yes
    Funny? nope

  10. is this a reflection of how fucking derptarded people are, and how the whole seething mindless mass of humanity makes me want to do a raging murderdeathkill?

    I feel less alone now that a poorly-drawn stick figure shares my sensibilities.

  11. 9gag’s where its at mother fuckers! get the app!

  12. sorry Jenny but I’m a redditor

  13. How true. How sad.

  14. Jenny sleeps with Kal Penn every Friday. She likes his hairy brown ass.

  15. I too often use the internet as a way to engage my friends with relevant updates about socio-political economic situations and other topical events… and wanking…wanking over Koala Bears.

  16. friends‘, cheesuschrist?

  17. Ok technically they’re prisoners… tomato, tomatoe.. lets just call the whole fucking thing off shall we?

  18. Ron Paul for President!!!!

  19. Ron Paul 2012

  20. it’s kinda sad that the only GOPper who isn’t straight-up batshit insane is so old, creaky and ball-witheringly conservative.

    Ron Paul hasn’t got a fucking prayer. Get over it, already.

  21. I knew you would love that ;). You will see, someday you will have to swear off your hawaiian/muslim/black/white messiah and bow down to the all mighty, wrinkly nut sack of RON PAUL. Than right when you think you finally see a light at the end of the tunnel, as your tears start to dry, your head will be shoved back down into your salty tear puddle so that you can bow to Rand Paul 2020! And I, yes I, will be there to dance in your tears. *evil laugh…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..*

  22. riiiiight.

    how about Ronny actually secures the nomination first…? hah. not gonna happen.

  23. STOP KILLING MY DREAMS… You just, you just choke the life right out of dreams, that’s what you are…a dream choker :'(

  24. Ron Paul will never be president because he cannot be bought or controlled. The jews wont let it happen. End of story.

  25. *sob*

  26. ooh look. you’re crying and emotionally vulnerable.

    /moves in for the kill.

  27. Ooh, should I put something nice on? Like something lacy and see through?

  28. only if you weigh 280 and are really, really hairy.


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