Thursday, November 25, 2010

Travis’ List



  1. i’m white.
    i hate fishing.

  2. I’m white and I hate black people. Fair trade.

  3. Well, I’m white. I am pale… I can’t argue that I make him sick… I have a dog… I do think my race is good… My attractiveness is subjective… I do think I know a lot about niggas… He may have an argument here.

  4. cpt brown sauce sandwich

    Is it wrong that I read it in the style of Dr Dre? Maybe its because I’m British, but it terrifies me.

  5. @cpt brown sauce sandwich


  6. bwahaha….. another ignorant person proving to be just what they hate…. Another statistic,,,,, don’t you have someone to be robbing or something?

  7. People who are ignorant and call themselves ‘niggas’ are only in the end bad mouthing themselves. And I have a serious question… How do all ‘white people’ talk like they are from Britain? Last I knew the American ‘white people’ who even tried to talk like a person from Britain screwed up the accent completely.

  8. What’s funny about this is how light he is.

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