Friday, September 16, 2011

Wins Before the Weekend!



  1. Stupid ass, its Carbon Monoxide, not dioxide theres a difference.

  2. jrob219 is correct, here. carbon monoxide poisoning is what will occur, nevertheless, I would like to know Bachmann’s findings from this experimnet.

  3. There’s a large difference between carbon MONoxide and carbon DIoxide. Carbon DIoxide is in our atmosphere and if it were harmful to inhale, none of us would be alive.

    Cars in your garage kill you by producing carbon MONoxide, a product of incomplete combusion, which kills by bonding preferentially to the iron in your blood leaving no room for oxygen.

    Michelle Bachmann may say some dumb things, but obviously of the two statements included here in this status, Pete’s is the dumber one. Can’t say I’d consider this a “win” for him.

  4. specifically the second sentence of Causes. it is harmful if there is a large concentration, just as in carbon monoxide poisoning. Pete just should have said- 1. Go to Hawai’i 2. visit volcano 3. stand in cloud of expelled gases 4. ????? 5. SCIENCE!

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