Thursday, August 5, 2010


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  1. hahahaahahah. Skeets. hhaahahaha

  2. Great. Now I have the pokemon song stuck in my head.

  3. Oh Craig…..

  4. Bahaha that one was actually clever !

  5. Craig ftw!

  6. Whoa! So you’re not supposed to collect them all?!

  7. Craig and Skeet…. Win-a-lot-of-win-wins!

  8. Sure big girls cry…. its just nobody can see their tears through the fat rolls on their cheeks

  9. Maybe doctors should start giving out trading cards for STDs and all other illnesses. Then, when you are in the waiting room you can look over to the person sitting next to you and say “I’ll trade my highly contagious Ebola for your Irritable Bowel Syndrome.”

    Awesome in the making. THAT my friends, is true health care reform. Booyah.

  10. ^ STD BINGO!!!!!

    collect em all and win a frozen chook!

  11. Or it could be like Go Fish! You have to get more than one of the same type.

  12. or poker…. warts, herpes, clymidia, gonorrhea and hep C is a straight flush and warts, herpes, clymidia, gonorrhea, hep C and HIV is a royal flush

    (playing as strip poker optional)

  13. How does #3 ever come close to a win?

  14. earthquakecasual

    all right, I’ve got a major headache… someone’s gonna have to walk me through Craig’s comment.

  15. box = vagina

  16. CommentsAtLarge


    Playing as strip poker would be cheating – the sores and such would tell what cards you were holding.

  17. @comments

    or texas holdem style ’cause some of the cards are on show?

  18. alordslums is super gay did anyone else see when he went into some pissy fit liek an 8 year old about his apparently tagline of i <3 truckers hahahahaha what a fag

  19. ^^ ?

  20. CommentsAtLarge


    I can always tell when my inner child is in control — first thing that came to mind when reading your comment: show me yours, I’ll show you mine…

  21. skeets post. classic.

  22. ahhh… lured into an innocent game of STD strip poker, only to be propositioned by one of LB’s notorious flirts 🙂

    but since we’re playing poker… im happy to not only match your wager, but raise it – with a low res grainy home “movie” i made the other week…

  23. CommentsAtLarge


    Notorious flirt? I won’t stand for such slanderous… bah, guilty as charged. It’s only for those I find intellectually stimulating however, so there’s that 😉

    A home movie eh? Your cinematic prowess is intriguing (Blackness, of course), so I’m in. Mine’s more of a live performance however.

  24. anonisgayisgay, you love him, I know.

  25. @Bone #13 apparently you don’t know who Morgan Freeman is.

    Anonisgayisgay, congrats you are now officially the only troll on Lamebook that I don’t like. And next time get it right Alord’s “tagline” is “My <3 is taken by a trucker" you Douche.

  26. PMSL@ the box parade comment

  27. Also anyone who names their kid “Skeets” is awesome in my book.

    “Hey honey here is a great idea, let’s name our son after the exact same phenomenon that we used to create a son.”

  28. @comments

    that is exactly what the camera is for – capturing those live performances so they can be watched (and appreciated) over and over again 😛

    but i can’t boast about the production values in my home movies. i just set the camera on the tripod, press record and hope everything stays in the frame while i am otherwise engaged…

  29. I went into that particular parade once, it was quite the show. The ending was definitely the best part, everyone got up together and threw confetti everywhere. Died pretty fast afterwards though and nobody wanted to clean the mess, but that’s why I like to leave just early enough to avoid the awkwardness of deciding what’s gonna happen next.

  30. Who else here thinks…anonisgayisgay=Dan fargis when he feels like playing opposites?

  31. zoned, my two penn’orth – it’s the yoink person again. it’s like when you release murderers from prison, they have to kill again. it’s hardwired.

  32. Badass people don’t date their granddaughters. Just sayin’.

  33. I see people’s explanation to #3, but I still don’t get it. I’ve never in my life heard the word “box” mean “vagina”. That just sounds… incredibly awkward (and unsexy.)

  34. You’re making me laugh (in a good way), whatusername. The term “box” is pretty much one of the standards we use here in Aus. Not awkward, not unsexy, just standard terminology.

    word walks away laughing…

  35. @ whatusername: We actually use that term here in the US too…I’m not sure where you are from but I thought it was a rather universally used term for a lady’s parts. hahaha. Maybe you just haven’t had to many perverted friends?

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