Monday, June 22, 2009

20lb Box of Lame

20lb Box of Lame

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  1. She was probably just trying to get featured on this site. Way to indulge her.

  2. false.
    its a guy
    and he’s been obsessed with washer machines since forever.

  3. Blumpkins4Mccain

    above poster, you know this guy?

  4. foremangriller1

    i once made a maytag dryer sound louder than a norges brake solenoid.. i was bangin this guys mom on it and damn it was loud

  5. wow…

  6. Holy hell… I heard about the people obsessed with cars “mechaphilia” … but this is just even more bizarre.

  7. lol i wow. i dont exactly understand what she/he is trying to say in the first few posts, but this is funny in so many ways.

  8. Is this serious? Who in their right freaking mind orgasms at a washer? that is absurdly disgusting… Dear Jamie, GET A LIFE!!! AND A GIRLFRIEND!

  9. boyfriend*

  10. That’s the weirdest fetish I’ve ever heard of. Jamie should have been on those 50s ads of smiling housewives selling cleaning products.

  11. Well, now we know what the Maytag Repairman’s Facebook looks like.

  12. Maytag has seriously missed the mark with their newest viral advertising strategy on Facebook.

    “OMG I bet that washer is slutty enough to let me fuck it in it’s drainage hose. Ya you dirty, slutty little washer. You love taking my dirty socks don’t you? Ya you do…”

  13. WTF?????

  14. @6– My ex was a Mechaphile. She’d do anybody with a fast car!

  15. Thank fuck I'm not American

    Could this be the saddest person on the planet?

  16. What’s the difference between having sex with your wife and doing laundry? When you do laundry you don’t have to hug the washer machine after you drop a load in it.

  17. @justin. What’s the difference between a woman and a fridge?

    A fridge doesn’t fart when you take your meat out

  18. Did this bitch grow a dick all of the sudden? Get a real job.

  19. Taking chances? OMG!! Did he change his washing powder???

    But anyway, he can do my laundry for me…! 😉

  20. what would be even funnier if he became a fan of all those things.
    he sounds like such a tightass im suprised hes gay- no room for cock with a washer wedged firmly up there.

  21. @false

    “Boys” listed under interest, so guessing it’s a gay guy. This does not surprise me.

  22. #8

    See above comment!

    I quite like his statuses tbh. That religious views gag made me smile too. I like this guy 😀

  23. Haha I know this guy! I was in school with him from first grade till we graduated a couple years ago. Even in first grade, it was a class joke(not a cruel one, he joked with us) how much he liked washing machines! He even put together a special presentation on washing machines, just for fun. His love of washing machines never diminished. He’s a relatively normal guy other than that I think. Wasn’t part of the popular crowd or anything but I think he has a boyfriend and a decent amount of friends. Just loves washing machines…

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