Wednesday, September 16, 2009

3 Likable Moments




Courtesy of College Humor

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  1. Way to address the important stuff, Matt.

  2. Good to know MATT. JUST. GETS. IT.

  3. slayed another blob last night

  4. I love Kelsea calling out her friends for “liking” that she’s taking a shower, but babe, you felt it was important enough to post. Next update, “I’m putting my deordorant on. Combing my hair. Applying mascara. Sipping my coffee.”

    And um, if Geri really didn’t care about Matt she wouldn’t have commented.

  5. I’m not sure if Matt’s comment makes him funny or dumb.

  6. Kelsea’s one is fantastic. She must be either really fit or really smelly. Perhaps both.
    Or a dude with loads of very odd friends.

    When I first met Matt’s final comment, I misread it as his “goatse” isn’t stupid. Initially I thought “Why would anyone question the intelligence of a gaping anus?” but then I remembered we’re all on Lamebook commenting on Matt.

  7. Mike’s response should have been, of course:

    “Yeah, but what are you doing tonight?”

  8. Bearer of Bad News

    Fake. Wasn’t even meant to be real — it was a COMEDY ARTICLE. Grow a fucking brain.

  9. That last one breaks my heart a little bit.

  10. They’re all fake you morons.

  11. @Bearer of Bad News

    Nice one, asshole.

  12. Matt is a 26 yr old with no job but at least he’s got a nice goatee lol

  13. Fake or not, it’s still funny.

  14. @Bearer of Bad News
    @Internet Idiots

    1. Detecting large amounts of samefag in this sector

    2. What gave it away? The link to College Humor? Yes, that’s right – it links to right on there! How dense do you have to be to think that telling people it’s fake is a revelation? I fear your chosen names may have been ironic.

  15. I’m glad I got here before you did. Do you comment on every single post on this site? You are a loser!

  16. Wow. I can’t believe people argue in the COMMENT section of LAMEBOOK. Have you guys read these comments!? Hahahaha. Too funny.

  17. @Christina

    I know, right. Lord. It’s just a comments section. Calm down.

  18. So, she posted her status from her shower? Maybe she downloaded a webcam and that’s why 43 people liked it.

  19. 14 @Boz

    Both Bearer of Bad News & Internet Idiots seem like well rounded, intelligent individuals who, had they named themselves in a ironical way, surely would have used the snark (or irony mark) as an indicator thus avoiding any confusion؟

  20. I’m calling fake on these.

  21. I nominate Matt FTW! Whose with me?!

  22. @Too Soon?

    Wait – what? That’s supposed to be irony? But maybe this is irony, too. Or that. Was it? I don’t know. Do you?


  23. Aw man, this thread was going really well until Boz mentioned the D-word.

  24. @’fterklang



  25. Wrong D-word. 😉

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  27. Ugh, College Humor should go away and stay away

  28. @’fterklang



  29. I have a goat

  30. “my goatee isn’t stupid but I am”?

  31. hahah first one is great

  32. are 43 people trying to imply that kelsea stinks ???

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  34. Geri sounds like my kinda woman! She’s got moxie!

  35. Kelsea must smell really bad if 43 people ‘like’ her status!

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