Monday, October 19, 2009

3 Oh 3, It’s the Magic Number


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  1. ugh..I mean Justin Matthew is not friend with Joshua if this is Josh status, Justin Matthew could not comment on it either..I think I got confused by these 2 Justin’s =P

  2. No, none of them are friends with her now. She must have deleted all of them. I think this was clearly a wall post and then comments on it by her other boyfriends.

  3. No I take that back, Justin W is still friends with her. Wtf. I still think she must have deleted two of them. There is no way he would say “who are you” if they were friends.

  4. @ Maddy; yes they do

  5. is it wrong I reeeeeally wanna send this to her?? (i don’t know her but a little private msg wouldn’t go astray)

  6. With a name like mercedes she is bound to be a slag

  7. fake! no doubt.

  8. Go easy on her, guys, she probably has poor memory and could only remember the first letter of her boyfriend’s name. Only later would she recall that it was “Justin,” although the last name would remain a tad fuzzy. 🙁

  9. Thesaurapist 13(F)

    What do you call a man with a half-inch penis?

  10. ^ It that a trick questions? Your use of the word “man” here is a little misleading.

  11. @ Canuck post #21
    That is quite possibly the funniest thing I have read in days!

  12. Sounds more like a Maclaren than a Mercedes .. What a goer !

  13. I know her, she is the step-sister to my ex girlfriend.
    I am totally not surprised this happend.

  14. @ my post above: Went a-digging, I was incorrect

  15. John Players Standard

    So much win. Mercedes is cool girl in my books.

  16. John Players Standard

    Hey you guys know about facebook privacy settings? Yeah you can set your settings to ‘everyone’ and everyone can look/post on anything in your profile. Check it out guys. You can also make everything private so only your friends can see your shit.

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