Monday, October 7, 2013

4 Letter Words

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  1. Is that the college Stever went? How silly of me Stever did attend school!

  2. The guy in the green shirt is trying to present his junk.

  3. I want it.

  4. “Stever did attend school” thanks Bigdog, can you tell because of how smart I am?
    I’ve actually done IQ tests and got 130 and 132 which is higher than 96% of the population.
    Don’t judge a man by the awesomeness of his posts!

  5. Ps. That is weird that you are the one that happened to notice that mobydickman….

  6. That’s stretching it Joel. However, if they brought back their college radio station KUNT, that would be funnier.

  7. there is no such thing as a community university, so I guess it would have to be called North Texas Community College which is not nearly as funny.

  8. Somebody please enlighten me as to what the WTF on the shirts actually stands for? (I can’t read the print underneath it on my mobile)

  9. Gee…I’m so gay because I noticed the guy in the front row who is the only one with his arms not around everyone else wearing a bright green shirt and making his “O” face. Obvious = gay according to the Genius.

  10. Oh…Steever….your first sentence is a run on. The one where you tell everyone how smart you are.


  11. Green shirt boy can present his junk to me any time he wants. woof

  12. Sorry Stever that should have read ‘Stever didn’t attend school’ By the way I have an IQ of 148 and I can’t even use the correct words so don’t get to excited!

  13. I think you accidently had a typo and put a “1” in front of your IQ…
    The average person is person is pretty damn dumb, and I believe that most of the Lamebookers and in the lower 50 percentile…

  14. ***Most people over 13 years old understand the proper use of to/too/two… I think you meant “too excited” and also have a strange feeling that you are definitely lying..

  15. I can spell correctly and use punctuation correctly when I want. If I knock out a quick reply on Lamebook I might make errors. Just like ‘The average person is person is pretty damn dumb.’

  16. ^ Still incorrect punctuation.

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