Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Bumpy Relationship

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  1. Shut up.

  2. Farkinell, Jared, I’m more weary of you. Go out, get laid and cry yourself to sleep, like a real man would.

  3. You know how to get over an ex? Plaster it all over the internet…when the fuck did facebook become an acceptable place to act like a little bitch? no wonder she fucked off.

  4. sack up and fight the power nancy

    when did facebook become an accepta… have you been on facebook ever? that’s what it is. it’s a sad state of affairs for some people. all of their validation comes from facebook it seems.

  5. ^ I know. But it’s little pricks like that that really drive the nail home and force you to stop and ask yourself what sort of society you really fucking live in.

  6. “CrustyLoveLips” No wonder you’re so butt hurt about this post, with a nickname like that, you’re clearly his ex.

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