Friday, February 8, 2013

A Bumpy VDay

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  1. First me!!!

  2. Dad’s name is VU, no $hit!!!

  3. I mean BJ, stupid autocorrect!

  4. ^ Will you fuck off?

  5. Ignorant daddy obviously doesn’t know what “BJ” means.

  6. ^Or maybe he does but he’s pulling a Sydney

  7. May I fist (bump) you?

  8. ZOMG

  9. *imagining father asking people to fist him*

  10. Fisting is so much more fun when asked for on a chalky excuse for candy.

  11. Fisting is sort of like a fist bump except one person is using their cervix.

  12. Funny, considering the default picture that’s supposed to be for the dad is two different pictures -_- this is fake.

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