Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Catastrophe

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  1. Firrip!

  2. So she has at least 8 people on her facebook, the first 8 to comment on this status, who don’t know she doesn’t have a baby girl?

  3. I was thinking the same thing hellababe. How can 8 of your supposed friends not know that you don’t have a kid???

  4. Maybe her kid is called Ashley Elizabeth too. This isn’t as stupid as it would seem (she did name her cat Ashley Elizabeth after all).

  5. That’s possible. My son and my cat are both named Mr Friskyskins.

  6. I have seen this before somewhere on my drunken interweb travels.

  7. @ahat… For some reason your comment made me LOL.

  8. hellababe – Thanks. Me and my fictional wife took one look at our fictional newborn baby boy and came to the realisation that we must screw up his life. That was the first questionable act in many questionable acts of my fictional parenthood.

  9. abs you saw it here a few months ago- same story, different cast. ten bucks says she doesn’t even have a cat!

  10. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Little does Rena know that Shawn didn’t read her wall post or the sympathetic comments. He was just announcing how he plans to spend his upcoming Saturday night.

  11. ahat, it only counts if you post about it on facebook.

    my dog’s name is lady rhonda maxima, i certainly hope none of my friends would think that’s my child’s name, or i’d have to wonder why we’re friends in the first place.

  12. Of those who thought that her child did actually die, no one wondered why she was on Facebook typing about it that same day?

  13. Fuck all that, the first response is the clincher, giving her most heartfelt sympathies through the medium of text speak and appalling grammar.

    …and what the fuck is the language setting:- “6 tuntia sitten” Fucking Klingon?

  14. hootie the blowfish

    There are definitely many friends on my Facebook who could have children and I don’t know it, because I haven’t seen or spoken to them in a few years and I don’t really pay much attention to their facebook posts. You might ask why we are friends on Facebook, and I’ll just say, “it’s the stupid fucking politics of Facebook.”

    In any case, I’m not surprised she had some friends who didn’t know she didn’t have a daughter named Ashley Elizabeth, what I don’t understand is why the first eight people to comment, all of them apparently not close enough to Rena to know this, bothered to comment at all. Yeah, those are real heartfelt and worthwhile offers of sympathy, you idiots. I think they look like fucking morons here, not Rena.

  15. It’s Finnish, Mr. Android, Finnish.

  16. herculestrockefeller

    It is possible that some of the condolences given were from friends who knew it was a cat. Some clearly did not.

    I know people who give their pets people names, but a full three people names?

  17. kiitos dftbaalli

    Still looks like Klingon though.

  18. ditkachick: I actually know someone whose baby did die and they posted it on FB the same day. Personally, I thought that way too personal to announce in a social forum. But only a few weeks later she started FB’ing about going to the gym, drinking and eating out like nothing ever happened. Ppl are f**ked up.

  19. @devilsquid: You are mistaken. It was only the cat that had the same name that died (The child was given up for adoption).

  20. who the hell gives their cat a full ass name like that? she’s obviouslythe crazy cat lady that no one really talks to in person and that is no one figured out she doesn’t have baby

  21. It’s a fucking cat anyway. Who cares if it died. No need to fucking announce it on FB

    Just FYI, I like kitties dressed as lingerie models

  22. @20 Well, you seem to enjoy your pussy bald.

  23. It doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the dressing up/undressing part.

  24. Goes to show how much your “friends” on Facebook don’t actually care about your life.

  25. I’m just laughing at Maureen. “Blessed be all of thee.”

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