Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Few Fans…

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  1. 1st

  2. liketotallycool

    Great idea. A group “for everything”. I should make that.

  3. Ben.

  4. sorry, couldn’t help it. I’ve always wanted to do this but never got the chance. I would like to thank you all for commenting after me. You have made a dream come true.

  5. liketotallycool

    Brothels are a sure place for hugs though. WHY NOT?!

  6. Does McDonalds even have salad rolls?

  7. What is a salad roll?

    And non-blurred girl’s profile is private, which is so boring.

  8. RingingInMyHead

    They make another kind of roll, that’s for sure.

  9. That group misspelled McDonald’s. Man, I’m starting to feel a bit like a troll…

  10. Oliver should join the group “Hey this is Jazzy Jeff and I used to get top billing mutherfucker!!!”

  11. haha oliver

  12. Thanks to oliver for having no life so I could get a laugh.

    @ Zoned: Yeah you were just a little late. Maybe next time what little bit of life you have left will be gone and YOU can make it in time for the Ben comment.

    Ejaculating then instantly hating the girl FTW!

  13. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Ejaculating then instantly hating the girl = Win

  14. Ugh. And they spelled MCDONALD’S wrong.

  15. I guess they didn’t check to see that 12/22/12 falls on a Saturday.

  16. That last one isn’t lame. That’s an epic win.
    Unless Oliver actually made all those groups.

  17. That’s the problem with kids today. No responsibility. After I nut, I put that hate right where it belongs: Myself.

    Take some goddamn ownership of your shitty sexual choices. She’s got a harelip? Pretend it’s Joaquin Phoenix and you’re going through an experimental phase. Her snatch looks like a juniper bush? Finish up, harvest some berries, and make some gin. Contemplate your place in the world while drinking your martini. That’s what a man would do.

  18. @HeSaidWhat: Whoa whoa whoa calm down little one. It’s called a joke, and has been a joke on this site for quite awhile. I was not making fun of seimin, simply joking around. Chill the FUCK out.

    @seimin: Sorry for the confusion! I wasn’t making fun of you, only Ben 😛

  19. Ben.

  20. Post 1,
    I love a good 3 way breast mashing.
    Excellent way for us girls to bond.

  21. I’m kinda confused by the message the first one is trying to send? Are all those boobies supposed to be from eating Salad Rolls at Mickey D’s? I’m pretty sure if my double D’s came from anything, it would be the crack-like sweet and sour sauce. Just saying.

    Why hasn’t McDonald’s jumped all over this? I mean, are they gonna promise eating their salad rolls will give you big boobs? I cannot wait for the commercials!

  22. @Lilly

    I work in the McDonald’s marketing department. You say you got your double D breasts from one of our products? I would love to feature you in an upcoming promotion. Please send a description and photo of said breasts.

    Thank you,
    Soupy Sales, Esq, PhD, DVD

  23. @wordpervert

    Mmmm, yes it is

  24. Soupy fuckin Sales!
    Now that’s a name I haven’t heard of in a while.
    We’re showing our age Soup.

  25. Indeed word. You mentioned all the hair bands in a thread yesterday? I’ve seen them all in concert. Multiple times.

  26. Lucky you, I could list some prehistoric, fossilised bands I’ve seen as well, it’d blow your mind.

  27. We will compare how ancient we are on another day. I’ve got a meeting in 5 hours, so I must rest my weary bones.

    Again, Happy Birthday! Make it a good one.

  28. Thanks mate, I plan to.

  29. @20 wordpervert
    Breast mashing 😀 You always put a smile on my face.
    And it’s your birthday today? Or was it yesterday? I believe you’re ahead of me. Anyways, happy birthday 🙂

  30. Dear Mr. Sales, Esq, PhD, DVD, VD:

    I would be glad to send pics of my Sweet and Sour Sauce Double D’s. Would you like me to include pics of my Chicken Nugget Thunder Thighs and Egg Mcmuffin Beyonce butt? I can include some of my MigMac Belly Rolls, Quarter Pounder Bat Wings and Love my Filet o Fish Love-Handles. Let me know what you’d be most interested in…

    Luscious Lilly

    (PS- yes, I recognize that this is a blatant ripoff of the Subway commercials, but I did refrain from outright stealing “badonkadonk butt.” Even though I use it in daily conversation.)

  31. dietpillpyramidscheme

    I’m fairly new here; and I have noticed several recurring in-jokes…

    “Ben” and “Frodo” spring to mind.

    Anyone care to explain?

  32. @31
    Ben and Frodo? I think you mean Ben is Frodo.

  33. How much IS a hug in a brothel these days?

  34. @txikiwi

    Was it ever decided whether Ben had a pool?

  35. The McDonald’s one is actually pretty clever.

  36. @31 dietpill …

    Ben was someone whose self-righteousness got a fair number (most?) of the Lamebook commenters to start mocking him. I believe it started when he went off on someone posting ‘first’ and then went ahead and did it himself the following update or day. It has now become a general insult on Lamebook.

    “____ is Frodo” sprang up from a Facebook post featured here that has been subsequently removed. You can get the gist of it by checking the entry “A Failed Group Effort” on January 14, 2010 and starting from comment 22.

    Hope that tides you over until someone else comes along with a better explanation.

  37. @dietpill

    Frodo: There was a post awhile back where two people were talking about which lord of the rings characters each person would be. By the end it was decided that 1) Frodo doesn’t have a pool and 2) Frodo is gay (and thus calling someone Frodo is the same as calling them gay).

    Ben: He’s an angry poster that comes and goes from time to time. I don’t fully understand his relation to the “first” post in each thread, but I often see that instead of “first”, people put “ben” or “not ben” or something like that. I think maybe he used to put “first” a lot? I don’t know. He’s just an angry guy that is SOMETIMES funny. He also claims to be going to medical school even though his knowledge on herpes is INSANELY wrong.

  38. damn… paquebot beat me to it… ignore my post! he/she even put in a link! Well done paque

  39. Mhn77,

    Thanks for the birthday wishes.
    Glad I can put a smile on your face.
    It’s always been my mission in life.

  40. Well, mission accomplished with me 🙂

  41. randomlygenerated

    Oliver, you are awesome. Marry me?

  42. @ Zoned: Didn’t mean to make you feel like I was jumping down your throat. I too was joking. I guess I’m going to have to start putting lol at the end of them. I know aboiut the whole running gag deal. I haven’t been on here to long, but long enough to pick up mon it and find it. I guess some people can’t handle my form of humor on here without me having to explain myself. From now on I will be a little more clear on subjects.

  43. lol

  44. that last one’s gotta be fake. it can’t be real. i hope like hell it isn’t real…

  45. It’s not fake. I did it.

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