Friday, April 9, 2010

A Few Friday PhoDOHs!

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  1. My first thought: Casey’s a dickhead.

  2. The second one is old meme.

  3. Yeah I definitely saw the second one yesterday somewhere
    Last one: boner olympics?

  4. I once held a phone book on my erection. I remember it like it was just yesterday.

    Of course, it was actually 1912 and the only person that had a phone (besides me) was my neighbor Billy. You had to pull the string tight and talk quite loudly.

    Yep, my penis sure did get cut up from that tin can… sure did, it did.

  5. businessofmisery

    what’s the equivalent of the boner olympics for those of us with lady parts?

  6. I kinda liked Avatar: Last Air Bender. Not enough to shave it into my head, though. Or maybe TOO MUCH to shave it into my head.

  7. I love Avatar. If the arrows on his arm were cool tattoos instead of lame marker Casey would be a king.

  8. @businessofmisery

    I would like to welcome everyone here today to the Vaginal Decathlon. Our first event will be the Pencil Hold. You’ve got 30 seconds to get your nipples erect before balancing the pencils. Ready….. go!

    Event 2 is the Hammer toss. Everyone, please insert the SMALLER end of the hammer (I cannot stress this enough) into your vaginas. You must kegally hold them there for 30 seconds, before beginning your spin/toss. Up first, Julia Louis Dreyfus.

    Events 3 through 10 are variations of Event 2… except the “hands free pickle jar opening” event and the “endurance hold”.

  9. @ businessofmisery – boner olympics. slightly different rules. A little more physical. wanna try out?

    @ XS – No Casey would be the court jester, tattoo or not

  10. @businessofmisery & Mcowles

    I would have thought ping pong was one of them…

  11. these are all so lame that lame isn’t strong enough. i mean, really…..

  12. Casey obviously had the GREAT idea and then was in a real hurry to make this picture. A rush job.

    Looks like he cut his own hair, after all the arrow is slightly bent – not to mention the marker pen on his arms, he really COULDN’T WAIT to get this online…and the result…

    Three picture comments, and a mention on Lamebook.


  13. i really hope rachelle’s joking.

  14. @scottspeig

    I often type WAY too much… one of those events have to be ping pong. I just didn’t want too many “tl;dr” responses, haha

    Events of the Vaginal Decathlon:

    1) Nipple Pencil Hold
    2) Hammer Toss
    3) Ping Pong
    4) Hands-free Pickle Jar Opening
    5) Hotdog “eating” Contest
    6) Endurance Hold
    7) Candy Cane Expansion (record is 18 candy canes)
    8) Moist Muffin (female version of the ookie cookie/soggy biscuit)
    9) Scissor Fight
    10) 100m Queefstroke (swimming event)

  15. poor little bryan.

    question: does it have to be a pickle jar?

  16. Way to fail at making arrows Casey.

  17. I think ESPN should cover the vaginal decathlon. Sounds like an incredible event and I wouldn’t want to miss it

  18. I just want to know why it looks like he’s pissed himself..

    And seriously is it THAT hard to hold up a dish towel? If it is, he needs to get his boner checked.

  19. WoW.. totally didn’t realize what was happening in the last one until I read the comments here. Lame.

  20. Hahaha Vaginal decathlon! That is awesome.. I would get the gold in the nipple pencil hold!

  21. Ah, mcowles… xD

    Anyway, couldn’t Lamebook even tell from the little logo in the bottom corner that number 2 is an advert?

    And number 1 makes me a die a little inside, and I’m not quite sure why.

  22. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Danica if you really would get gold then holla at me cos I can hold waaay more than a dishtowel with my erections.

    Mcowles just showed made me realize I could use emoticons on lamebook comments, soon I can replace all my comments with a “8)” Malteaser style of course.

  23. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    ok so that didnt work, how about 8)

  24. I’m so glad that Rachelle’s two boyfriends/baby daddies get along really well. Could get a little awkward otherwise

  25. #1 really makes me worry about the youth of today. hanging a picture frame in a corner? total faux pas.

  26. maybe they like to pretend it’s a tv…

  27. I think the baby daddies get along because they are brothers. Why bang one when you do the whole family.

  28. I think I need more information on the candy cane expansion…..

  29. mcowel…I have cut and pasted your events and put them where, when I am in a bad mood, I can see them and laugh my ass off!
    Epic Win in my book…

  30. @mcowles

    I’ve never thought of using kegal as an adjective. Interesting.
    And do I dare ask how 9)scissor fight would play out? *shutters*

    Also, Rachelle sounds a little too proud for my liking…

  31. My gf laughs at me when I do that with large bath towels. 😐

  32. @Mhn77

    Google “scissor sisters”, then imagine them being more angry…. and going for the gold!

    (not the band Scissor Sisters… more of a sexual position)

  33. CommentsAtLarge


    Julia Louis Dreyfus? The fact that you went there made me wtf and then laugh hysterically.

  34. lol

  35. @Comments

    She’s the reigning silver medalist. I was surprised at first, as well.

  36. I hope Rachelle’s semen donors are better father figures than they are housekeepers. If not, I pity that poor kid.


  37. Rock out with your cock out…except you.

  38. # one has so many things wrong with it, it makes me sick.
    Picture in the corner, guy that wet his pants, a room so dirty I’m surprised there isn’t a rat walking by on the carpet, plastic wanna be curtains and the fact Rachelle doesn’t know which one is the baby’s daddy. How awful.

  39. I <3 U, mcowles!

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