Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Few Weekend Wins




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  1. @mcowles -go get ’em tiger… heh heh woods…

  2. @Mcowles it’s ok if you don’t understand, just call your parent/guardian/wet nurse and they can assist you with the aforementioned

  3. @Mnic Very original material

  4. @Adamn

    I wish I still had a wet nurse… those were the best 12 years of my life!

  5. insert clever name here

    @mcowles I’ve never had sex with a cactus and my vagina smells like shampoo. Some Pantene attacked it earlier today …well that’s what it looked like anyway.

  6. @Adamn -Your support system is loving, reassuring, and always there for you, …but sooner or later its bound to run out of donuts.

  7. @insert clever name here -… I’m a little confused at your comment. Are you offering for mcowles to explore your dungeon? That’s what it seems like…

    @Mcowles -If she says yes, RUN! Vaginas do not normally spew shampoo out of them.

  8. insert clever name here

    @MNic Sure they do. Greg’s girlfriend’s did after he broke up with her… well, it did after Micah, Jack, Andrew, Trevor, Jose and Charles. (Jose cut in front of Charles)

  9. @insert clever name here

    If you’re using a pantene bottle to “assist” you in times of need, then you need to make sure that the cap remains closed. You’re just asking for a UTI or Yeast Infection.

    That being said, I will have to think about your offer of your vagina to me. I’m assuming you’re doing so in the attempt to show me that not all sex has to feel like puppy murder (which isn’t good). I’ll get back to you.

  10. @ mcowles. yes, the 4th type is fake, so is not an orgasm. i wonder if heff has ever genuinely made a woman scream that wasn’t from the ptc.

  11. hey Greg may be you should consider working as a pimp for your gf i’m sure you gonna be a very rich man …:)

  12. Maybe Greg doesn’t want to break up with her, but he’s pissed off because so many guys want to sleep with her.

  13. Lillith my Alter Ego

    Not as long as line for guys who already fucked your girlfriend that would of been a good one.

  14. To greg: I just registered to let you all know that it was NOT me… Although I was it was.

  15. WISH* Sh!t

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