Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Great Disturbance

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  1. And there’s nothing else that us, gays, enjoy more than looking at and hearing a homophobe scream in terror.

  2. Let’s see who takes the bait..

  3. the original star trek sucked ass.

  4. not cool, fags are gay

  5. ^ Hey Bones, I can only forgive that because of your account name.

  6. I have a question for whoever wants to read, do you think gay parents make better parents than the classic male+female parents?

    Thumb this comment up if you think gays would supposedly make better parents.

    Thumb this comment down if you think the latter would make better parents.

    Just want to know your opinions. That is all.

  7. Love the Star Wars reference (best ones), but this post is pretty gay.

  8. Zatknis, where is the N/A option?

    I think the sexual orientation is irrelevant…

    Although, if you go by statistics, which I hate to do, there is a much bigger proportion of bad parenting among heterosexual couples.

  9. @Zatkins, how are you to know who believes what by a like/dislike on Lamebook? Hell, I could like your comment 12 times by the end of the day. Terrible way to judge.

    I also think it’s funny how the assumption is that only homophobes are against gay marriage. I know gays that oppose gay marriage, and they’re screaming in horror right now, too. Although, I could be wrong, because they could be screaming in pleasure, but I hope they aren’t doing that at the office.

  10. So we spend the whole post extolling the virtue of gay marriage, then generalize and stereotype about what gays do. Way to go Sulu. Shall we also assume you’re good at math, or is stereotyping only selectively bad based on whether or not you care for it?

  11. So,homophobes are Jedi then?

  12. I’ll be impressed once polygamy becomes legal.
    mmm a triple manwich and plenty of tossed salad

  13. #8, I know sexual orientation doesn’t matter and all, I was merely curious. Also, I couldn’t really fit in the N/A option…heh. Oops.

    #9, It was a poll, out of curiosity. I wanted to know what readers on this site think, even though some ass would sit and thumb it up/down, which I hope they’re not doing. Mind you, my views on sexual orientation and parenting are not based on my previous comment and are irrelevant here.

    Ah well.. I tried.

  14. sulu’s gay?

  15. like Henry implied I am stunned that someone can make ($)7863 in four weeks on the computer. did you see this site link.. can99.ℂ­om

  16. ^ So Henry gets paid less that Doris? Does he know he’s getting ripped off!?

  17. I have a question for you lamebookers.

    Who on here likes having things shoved up their ringer?

    Thumbs up if… ah fuck it. Wait I’m better then this…


    I Think it’s only right that gays should be allowed to get married too… I mean if the rest of us have to live out our lives in abject fucking misery why shouldn’t they?

  18. Nooooooo mixing universes!

  19. Um, what does gay marriage, or marriage period, have to do with having kids? Does everyone remember how babies are made? A woman does not become pregnant by the priest or judge or ship captain, and gay men don’t birth babies out their asses.

  20. Sadly the homophobes are trying to get an injunction already to halt this.

  21. Star Trek actor, Star Wars reference? Why?

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