Monday, September 24, 2012


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  1. It’s shit like this that makes me ashamed to be from the south.

  2. @1, I know what you mean. What’s with the boy pissing decal? I mean, if it was a 1995 model truck one could claim it was still there from when that kinda crap was considered cool… but no excuses I’m afraid.

    Also, to be honest, it’s not only shit like this that should make you ashamed to be from the south, just sayin’

  3. I still see that pissing kid decal quite often. There’s still a market:

  4. The “kid pissing” has a name. It’s Calvin.

    At least they spelled everything properly this time, though. That’s something positive. But you won’t just see that in Henderson, KY. I see it where I live.

    “Jelly” should be the name of a town in Kentucky.

  5. It’s funny how so many Americans reject Obama, yet in any other Western country he would be in power for a seriously long time.

  6. That’s gayer than a lesbian’s girlfriend.

  7. I live in Kentucky! I see crap like this often.

  8. Hey Abl – name me ONE Western country where Obama “would be in power for a seriously long time.”

    Besides the US, of course. Besides, Obama IS a douchebag :

    I’d be PROUD to be from the South; at least they nkow hoe to call BULLSHIT when they see it, not brainwashed behind a PC-washed pair of rose-colored blinders.

  9. Obama is easily the biggest war monger to ever sit in the Oval Office. And people are still driving around with “Obama for Peace” stickers on their cars.

    Why would (or do, FFS) American citizens support the impoverishment of their own country while billions of dollars are being shipped overseas to build foreign roads and schools and hospitals? It’s not as if you can afford it at the moment…

  10. Hold on Bacc–Obama didn’t start those two wars nor the programs for rebuilding Iraq and Afghanistan. And if Bush were still in office the USA would already be knee deep in Iran. Obama should invade Detroit, New Orleans, Memphis and Oakland, so the rebuilding could begin shortly after!

  11. No, he didn’t start THOSE wars, but he certainly hasn’t begun the withdrawal process like he promised, has he? And he does love those drone missiles an awful fucking lot.

    Not to mention his $40 million refurbishment of Guantanamo Bay, a facility that he promised would be shut down under his @dministration. I guess it’s okay to torture people and imprison them without trial when they’re a bit on the brown side and don’t have English as a first language.

  12. Obama extended all of that – Halliburton’s no-bid contracts escalation of the situations in Afghanistan and Libya (plus royally pissing of Israel), the outrageous TRIPLING of the deficit (surely, all this ‘war’ serves as a good cover for the reason the money is just draining away…)

    But hey, the time for blaming past Presidents is over. Dude just didn’t get it done, and he’s not going to – end of story.

    Mow, i’m all for invading “Detroit, New Orleans, Memphis and Oakland, so the rebuilding could begin shortly after” – but see, Obama gives all those people the food stamps and such. Juss’ sayin’…

  13. The withdrawl process has begun and is actually happening faster than the folks across the aisle like. Obama isn’t doing right with Gitmo and the drones but my point was calling him ‘easily the biggest war monger to sit in the oval office’ isn’t right either.

    So, Don, blaming Hitler for WWII is ‘over’ because he’s no longer in power? History doesn’t go away, dude.

    I’m not defending Obama–just illuminating an incorrect comment.

  14. Obama is a good person, and I actually believe he started out with the noblest of intentions.
    But then they showed him the JFK vid again and what happens to those who don’t pull their heads in…
    So he’s a puppet. A charming, smiley, PC, marketable puppet.

    The US government is not in charge of the US, no one believes it is, so why are we even fucking pretending? NUKE WALL ST.

  15. ^This is why dictatorships are so good. The one in charge can do what is right without having to compromise or pander to selfish focus groups.

    Obama would’ve been a great dictator.

  16. I’d be a better one.

  17. On what basis?

  18. All of this is a well planned, engineered distration from the real issues, namely the world shortage of pork, more specifically bacon.

  19. What? We’re running out of bacon? Oh, no! How will I ever be able to eat those peanut butter and bacon cupcakes, now?

  20. it won’t matter for much longer. The US is fucked and you’ll be dead.

  21. as for ‘on what basis’, franky? are you fucking shitting me? that’s an execution, young lady.

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