Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Little Bit Extra…

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  1. First!


  2. I had a friend whose mother had a miscarriage. It was awesome; she had all these wonderul prescriptions in her cabinet that she ended up not using in the end.

  3. Either Colleen is a stank cooch hussy or she was fraped. WTF.

  4. What in god’s name is wrong with Colleen…

    On a side note I really wish I had a friend just like her!

  5. I;m gonna go with frape for the first two…

  6. I don’t often laugh out loud but that last one got me.
    Her tang top and sweet tits. His sincerity is endearing.

  7. Hummers for everyone!

  8. @BucketOfScuzz

    Sounds bliss but would you still be interest if she wasn’t…fresh?

  9. Gotta wonder about the blowjob girl… at least she’s honest…


  10. Not sure how sweet they are but wooh those are one big set of mama’s!

  11. Ugh… I can’t stand it when fat girls go “but I have big boobs!” They aren’t hot boobs fatty, just hanging, salami-crested bags o’ fat

  12. @ toodles. WORD.

  13. Too true toodles.

  14. To be fair to her, she didnt say nothing… Her future husband did… and he obviously finds her fleshy funbags hot

  15. @Slimjayz… agreed.. but that is a self taken pic…the typical “look hot I am photo”. I have several people from high school on my facebook with the exact same pictures (you know, those girls that you never hung out in high school with but now they comment on all your stuff while complaining about their baby daddies and dead end jobs?) Sigh…I think I am just down on life today!

  16. you know what always helps me when I am down on life… huge fatty tits to bury my face in and bbbbrrrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbbrbrbrbbrbrbrbrbr

  17. @slimjayz…. was that possibly a Very Potter Musical reference?

  18. never heard of it… if anything it was a play off motorboating from wedding crashes

  19. @mashmalloq515 VPM ftw. Justsaiyan.

  20. William – gross. Unless you have gigantis.

  21. Kira – please shoot.


  22. That last girl is hellaugly.

  23. can you not see her sweet tits hawkbit? they are under the five or six rolls of fat keeping them from view; but they are there.

  24. I hate flabby boob cracks.

  25. @Toodles – Men don’t care if the boobs are big from fat or silicon. Men like big boobs. Period.
    Luckily for us, with more manageable sized boobs, the only thing men like almost as much, is all the other kinds of boobs. 😀

  26. Men care if boobs are big from fat if the rest of the woman is fat…
    Some of us really do prefer lean, toned bodies with perkier breats.

  27. I don’t give a sh!t either way. Tits are tits, people!

    Also, Toodles, I don’t think she took a “Look how hot I am” picture. It just looks like a regular innocent profile pic. She wasn’t trying to be sexy.

  28. Fuck me a Manatee in a tang top!

    I’d still fuck it though…if just to hear its’ amusing, underwatery, chirpy grunts as i hosed it down with my own large store of blubber fat.

  29. @26


  30. And some of us like our women with a little meat on ’em. Agree to disagree.

  31. She’s not that big, it’s just the tits. Block them out and it just looks like she’s slightly chubby.

  32. At the end of the day, I feel bad for the girl in the pic. Her boyfriend posted the pic on his profile – she may not heve even known it at the time – and someone thought it laughable enough to post to lamebook. And now everyone’s insulting her. If I was her, I’d be feeling pretty damn gutted about now.
    As for the other two girls (assuming their profiles weren’t hacked) – classless.

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