Friday, January 7, 2011

A Mary Welcome!

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  1. LOL!

  2. Whatever happened to malteaser?

    You out there?

  3. How are KFC and Taco Bell ‘minority food places’?

  4. black people work at kfc(at least where i live they do) and i guess mexicans work at taco bell? minorities.

  5. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Because black people supposedly love fried chicken and Taco Bell serves food that barely count as Mexican food.

    I love the awesome turn that Mary’s first status took.

  6. bollywood_rocks83

    That ending was awesome! Poor Mary went from ecstatic to sad in like 3 hours! Kellen should’ve given her the house tour of Facebook:drama,drama and more drama.

  7. I’ve been keeping up with Lamebook for a while now and have never posted a comment (although I read them all and usually I am more entertained from them than the actual posts), but for this one I have to say I laughed my ass off, awesome ending

  8. I need more friends like Eugene.

  9. friedchickenisha

    This has to be one of the best post I’ve seen in a very long time.

  10. Classic. Pure Classic LB. I very much enjoyed this post!

  11. Mass…Malt’s been gone for a good long time. I wonder what happened to her?

  12. ..married mcowles’ daughter, alord?

    adopted Walter?

  13. Mary, don’t complain. This is the kind of facebook I wish I had!

  14. malt might still be around – perhaps using another name? Somebody else married mccowles, but it wasn’t alord.

    Me too, curly, me too. You screwed up another post today, hey? Funny girl.

  15. Now that was a funny post. Awesome.

  16. mccowles’ daughter, alord, haha. I read you wrong, mass. That’s funny.

  17. word, we can’t keep having this type of mis-communication. I’ll have to actually get a facebook account.

  18. where do you meet people like this? the most drama i have on my facebook is the same 5 people breaking up all the time.

  19. I so agree. You do that, mass, and get back to me…

  20. Thanks word, I’m at the Tuggeranong ‘airport’. See you ina bit.

  21. I have no idea what you’re talking about, mass. Damn that miscommunication.

  22. I love a good romance so I’m paying attention. But I have no idea either lol

  23. Come on guys, I’d like to head off to bed knowing that you guys finally get together. It’s like one of those soaps you just can’t turn off.

  24. You’ll probably have to wait a bit longer, curly. Knowing mass, he’s probably fallen asleep again drunk out in the snow or something. In true soapie style, this thing could go on forever.

    Oh, try this link to practice your HTML tagging. You won’t cock it up again, haha…

    Enjoy your sleep.

  25. You’re so sweet … thanks wordy (if I may). Let me be the first to know about buying a hat and all that 😉

  26. The more Erin talks, the dumber she looks. Kudos to you, Erin!

  27. mass and wordpervert, do you think you could take your mawkish romance somewhere else? i’m trying to offend people here, and having to read your awkward courtship ritual is slightly off-putting, not to mention nauseating.


  28. curly, you may. Buying a hat? Now you’re getting as cryptic as mass. Anyway, it’s time to rest. Doctor’s orders.

    vincent, fuck you very much.

  29. It smells like a fake to me.

    btw what’s wrong with fucking someone who works at KFC / Taco / whatever?

  30. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I gotta agree with Vince here guys, Word I need to know exactly what you are tickling with your finger under Mass and Mass where do you plan to stick your finger when Word is done with the tickling?

  31. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    … Is anybody even using tongue?

  32. Poor Mary.

    I see Lamebook has removed the ability to change user nickname so does that mean know more identity confusion? Kind of a shame.

  33. *no more

  34. Dukey, are you drunk, buddy? What the? But really, if mass would like to take this elsewhere, I’m sure he could work out a way to do so.

    mb, yes it does mean that (for now), but no, it’s not a shame.

  35. Kellan is either gay for inviting his mom into his FB life, or he’s a genius for probably signing her up as her Christmas gift and thus getting off not spending any money…

  36. wiw..
    poor mary..
    im new here…
    took me 10 mins to find the register button another 5 mins to find the log in button..

  37. I’d imagine it’s not the fucking someone who works there thing, rather the whole cheating on her husband thing… in fairness if i had a husband and he banged any other woman i’d flip out! so i’m gonna say that knowing it was someone working in taco bell/ kfc was just like rubbing salt in the wounds.

  38. Whoa, seriously @cane, that was indeed stupidly hard.

  39. You’re welcome.

  40. @zoonga IKR?? im just exaggerating at my first comment.. as you know im new here i just noticed something different.. unlike other sites that has noticeable register buttons.. this one seems to hide it.. correct me if i am wrong.. so you can call me CaneHardnoob XD
    sorry if i might have written all of this wrongly.. English is not my primary Language..

  41. I kind of like the burgeoning romance on here. It adds a sort of sweet aftertaste on the brine that forces it way upwards on a regular basis when I partake in the “lamebook’. Not complaining, mind you…

  42. Sorry to have nauseated you vincent, hope you didn’t puke semen all over your keyboard.

  43. Why haven’t Erin and Mike blocked each other?

  44. no mass, i did not puke semen all over my keyboard. what exactly are you implying? is this your way of asserting your hetero-normative masculinity by being subtly homophobic?

    and i’m no expert on breeding females, but i’m fairly sure that most of them aren’t impressed by that sort of crass imagery. probably not a good idea to bring up the whole spunk-vomit thing over carbonara on a first date.

    good luck though mate – sounds like you’ll need it!

  45. You misspelled “but i’m a fairy “

  46. now that’s more like it, the ladies love a bit of witty repartee. i’ll try and remember that joke. i’m a fairy – that is comic genius right there.

    remind me though, is mass short for massive cunt or are you just a fatty fatty boom boom?

  47. Fat where it counts.

  48. ..guffaw

  49. Hi word..

    Vincent, get a bucket.

  50. throwing up semen is not a laughing matter, you don’t realize how much it burns coming out your nose.. 🙁

    Things that aren’t fun to throw up:
    spaghetti sauce

    Things that are fun to throw up.
    Ice cream

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