Friday, January 7, 2011

Say “Uncle!”

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  1. I don’t know what some of y’all mean by “getting spanked causes violence.” I got spanked and beaten when I was kid, as well as all of my family. Not one of us has been violent as adults, not one of us. I think it all comes down to the morals that are instilled in the person by the parents. Whether or not they get spanked they are going to be violent because they were not taught morals. I’m not saying “go beat your kids”, i’m saying spanking your kids isn’t going to make them gang members but make them think twice about doing what they did wrong. Basic Psycology.

  2. I am, in general, not in favor of the idea of using violence to get a child in line, but am not exactly against a minor session of spanking. This, however, was difficult to watch. The psyche of a teenager is sensitive enough to have an event like this, a flogging video taped and posted for all the world to see, affect them for the rest of their life. I can’t condone this kind of humiliation as punishment.

    I have to make one observation from reading these comments though: generally speaking the comments against using physical violence as punishment have some thought and even studies & data to back up their opinions. On the other hand, the comments condoning the video and behavior are mainly just calling people names – arg, you dang nabbit liberals commie socialist pig pussies, arg!

    Not much of an argument.

  3. sillyrabbittrix is a pussy. Some one probably should have spanked you…

  4. dtronol – “You’re showing a great example for him. Pull your fucking pants up. And how about grounding the kid or deleting his facebook account instead of kicking his ass? If my brother laid a hand on my son, I’d use the video to throw his ass in jail.”

    His pants were down because he took his belt off, dipshit.

    Grounding kids and “deleting their facebooks” turns them into pussies and doesn’t teach them anything, nor does it make them respect you. I got my ass whooped as a kid, and I turned out to be a respectful, functioning member of society. Not like these ignorant kids nowadays. Because that kid has an uncle that actually CARES enough to whoop his ass instead of not spending the time to punish him, he will grow up the proper way!

  5. hey guys ive gotten my butt beaten and I’ve gotten grounded ….and honestly what being grounded taught me how to get out of the house without my parents knowing.
    this kid obviously has had his father killed/put in jail so his mom (struggling to pay for the other children) shipped him off to the good brother as to not get him on a path of lawlessness!
    His uncle has his pants so low because he was checking up on his nephews facebook,saw this and ripped it out in fury ,therefore not having his belt on to secure his pants. The uncle obviously knows what kind of dad his father was and knows that he was never punished as a kid and got into the gangs and probly in jail! All this to say I’m pretty sure that the kid deserved this and it only hurt for,…. two seconds.
    I bet he’s never joined a gang since …I’ll put money on it.

  6. by the way raping and murder and most of what gangs do are illegal so i really could care less about the legal boundaries of the punishment….all i have to say is that that was downright entertaining!

  7. Some of you people are fucking retarded. You’re pussies and you don’t understand the point of what happened in this video. The kid was bragging it up on Facebook, talking about how he runs with a gang and how he kills people and shit. His uncle, who probably raised him, whipped him with his belt and filmed it to hurt his pride and prove to all his little “friends” that he isn’t some gangster, he’s just a young kid living at home with his uncle.

    Seriously, you people are gonna sit here and say this uncle deserves to go to fucking JAIL for hitting a 16+ year old kid with a small belt? Trying getting beat with a hot curling iron. Or a beer bottle. Or have your father choke you and lift your feet off the ground. How about having your mother coming at you with a knife? Those things are child abuse. I know some kids who were disciplined that way. This isn’t fucking child abuse, the uncle is completely in the right here, and public humiliation shows the world a few things… First off, it’s a warning. This kid wants to act hood and lie about murking people and shit? He’s gonna get whipped. His uncle is setting an example, and I want some of you people to REALLY FUCKING READ THIS.


    You all can sit there and say that spanking a child is wrong, and I’ll call you a pussy. If being hit a couple times with a belt hurt that kid, he’s a pussy. You want an example of a child that WASN’T spanked? A child who was “grounded” and had things taken off of him instead of getting slapped? Me. I was a bad kid. I would go to kindergarten singing, “There’s A Skeeter On My Peter,” telling my teacher that, “I’m bad to the bone and I don’t take shit off of anyone.” My mom took my Nintendo away, and sent me to my room. I was never hit, but I should have been, because up until a few years ago, I was a fucking loser. I was addicted to oxycodone and heroin, drinking almost every single day, using women left and right, getting into fights almost every day, getting into trouble with the law… It wasn’t until my dad got so pissed that he threw a couple punches at me (and I was so high that I tried to fight back) that I straightened up. I needed that ass beating to realize what a fucking mess I was. So, I went to rehab, made amends with everyone, and now I’m a pretty decent, well adjusted adult.

    So don’t tell me that this dude belongs in jail for humiliating some kid who thought it would be cool to pretend he was in a gang. That kid’s lucky he didn’t go to jail for associating himself with a gang. Quit being a bunch of whiny fucking pussies and grow a pair.

  8. All of what the uncle did to embarrass the kid could have been done without the violence. It was perfect without the violence. With the violence, it borders on hypocritical. And yes, it is abuse, and yes, he should be charged with some sort of child abuse. He needs to learn a lesson too. Also he needs to pull his goddamn pants up, fer cryin’ out loud.

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