Friday, January 7, 2011

Shorely Pathetic

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  1. what is this, i don’t even….

  2. A snooki fan?

    This is lame without needing all the rest of the crap :p

  3. OMG I soooo need to get my hair bumpin and fist pumpin on!

  4. I agree with crimm. Everything about “Jerseyshore” is LAME. I can’t stand that show.

  5. Very very very sad…. if your life revolves around Jersey Shore, you are a sad excuse for a human being taking up space.

  6. I am so tired of hearing about Jersey Shore, I wish their tanning beds would malfunction and they would all get fried to death. I would lock myself in a room for a week so that I didn’t have to hear all the douche bags cry and then I would rejoice. It would however only be a matter of time before there were new douchetastic leaders, so I guess it wouldn’t matter either way.

    On a more important note, did you know that women in the fifties douched with lysol? That sounds uncomfortable….

  7. her picture makes me laugh.

    someone should find her
    beat her with a rake and then
    piss on all her wounds.

    i missed the haiku’s- don’t mind me.

  8. She’d die inside? How about outside…

  9. ‘piss on all her wounds’

    For someone with a spectacular rack, that’s kinda mean, hp.

  10. I will never feel the same spraying Lysol around my bathroom Lissie, thanks for that.

  11. I was cleaning my tub with it last night and the whole time I was thinking about that. It was disturbing, google vintage Lysol ads, it will pop up quick. The ad itself is hysterical, talking about how “If you’re feeling less than dainty and want to bring life back to your married love, Lysol will make you feel more feminine. Your husband will appreciate it!!” It also says that the fact that your libido drops when you’re married is in direct response to the scent of your vagina, I learn something new every day!!!

  12. @ mass.. hey i carry the weight of the world on my shoulders… give me a break!

  13. Lissie, I googled that ad. My favourite part is where it says there is no greasy after-effect. What a lovely thought.

  14. Please tell me that was just a product made under the name Lysol and not the same cleaning product we use for cleaning today with multiple purposes! How on earth was that safe??

  15. No, it is the same Lysol brand we use today. Even says “disinfectant, antibacterial” on the bottle.

    @word I love how it can clean even when there is mucus present, yum.

  16. I wonder how long it took them to figure out that was a BAD idea.

  17. ‘It also says that the fact that your libido drops when you’re married is in direct response to the scent of your vagina’

    Fucking priceless..

    *loves scent*

  18. Mmmm… mucus.

    Marriage causes libido to drop, mass. Period.

  19. It does word .. been there.

    I don’t think you and I should get married for that reason.

  20. Hi word, sorry I didn’t answer your question earlier, I am only on here at work. πŸ˜› Your time zone and mine are waaaaay off. πŸ™‚
    I am just me. I am a noob and joined a few months ago. Sorry to burst your bubble man, but I hope you find the bastards!
    And I’m glad you liked my pig-sucking post, mmmmmmmmm.

  21. So you’ve had a change of heart? But, you’re probably right. We could still live in sin, though…

  22. fleur, it’s all good. There are so many theories being thrown around on LB at the moment as to who’s who, I thought I’d put a couple out there. I was wrong. Oh well, back to the drawing board…

  23. My heart will always be yours.

    …as long as sin doesn’t get snow, I’m there.

  24. @ word, yeah I have seen the other posts. Keona got slammed!

  25. mass, no ☃ only ☀ and ♥

    fleur, yes, deserved or not, she did. But she does have her fans.

  26. pepelongstocking

    I seem to remember my name being in question also and I’m in the same boat as Fleurdeleslie, I joined less than a month ago so I’m even more of a noob. I did see (after the fact) the trouncing that Keona took and I didn’t get it. I never thought any of her posts were problematic enough to deserve the treatment she got and have noticed since that the posters that took her out haven’t posted much since. So thanks for that. (sarcasm)

  27. guess I need to catch up…keona took a trouncing? There’s been war on LB? WTF? LOL just kidding. there are always wars in the comments section. That’s what makes this so great πŸ˜‰

  28. pepelongstocking, I’m unsure as to whether you’re referring to me questioning your name or not, but I’ll respond to your comment, anyway. I mentioned on a recent post that there were so many people using variations on pep/e, that I couldn’t keep up. That’s it.

    As for Keona, I had a few goes at her in the past, but these days, I really couldn’t care less. Yes, she’s copped a lot of heat recently, but she gave as good as she got. She likes a bit of the old drama, I think.

    One last thing: The name-stealing and duplication of accounts etc. is something I’m pretty sure we’re not going to see too much of from now on. I hope so, because it’s ridiculous.

  29. Oscillating fans aimed at her massive body, maybe.

  30. pepelongstocking

    @wordpervert, yeah, yours was one, but there was a point a few days ago that everyone was questioning the validity of everyone’s identity because someone was logging in and posting as others handles. It got very paranoid for a while and in the short run has caused the loss of a few posters (I miss britishobos comments and I hope his absence is temporary as I remember something about him moving to the states).

    Agreed at the ridiculousness but since I’m not techsavvy enough to change my own name much less to someone elses, you should be able to check me off the list of suspects.

  31. pepe, you’re misunderstanding me. I don’t suspect you of anything. There are/were about 4/5 people using variations on pep. It was getting confusing, that’s all I’m trying to say. It’s a completely separate issue to the name-stealing and account duplication fiascos. But I’m with you about missing Hobo. Where is he?

  32. Hobo was well gone before all the recent name stealing. I too hope it’s only temporary. I have a massive crush on him.

  33. No, before this craphead came along, there was only one pepe. I have used many variations on the name and used other names that don’t resemble it remotely, but I have not once taken the name of another poster or played doppelganger of any sort.

    And it’s pippi longstocking, not even pepe. I hate you. You do not know how much.

  34. Pep, I know you’re the one who was using the multiple variations on your name. You told me. What I was trying to do here was tell longstocking it was name confusion, not name-stealing I was questioning. But I don’t think he/she got it. Meh. I don’t care. Anyway, have a good weekend.

  35. pa-the-tic

  36. I’m gonna say that if she’s The Jersey Shores biggest fan, she’s already dead inside.

  37. No problem. I just enjoy writing messages with unnecessary levels of emotional intensity. It’s a good stress reliever.

  38. Oh, have a good weekend too, mine will be harsh. More funny meds stories…a psychiatrist today told me to stop taking all the medication my GP prescribed, because I’m hypomanic (just learned that) and it will seriously drive me psychotic if I keep taking them. But the withdrawal will be…hmm…I love how consistent medical professionel are. On Monday I get to talk to someone and find out what is me which is actually me and what were the meds…hmm…good times…

  39. Gawd. Good luck with that.


  41. textbookcartographer




  44. I took that photo just after creaming myself off into her eye.

    It’s always a good old laugh, heaving a good tablespoon of testicle batter into a lasses boat race and then sitting down together to watch an entertaining episode of Jersey Shore together.

    Yes, I do watch it. A bit of Shore banter is a great aid in tricking thick fuckholes like the one above into letting you manpaste all over them.

  45. She actually met him in the end. Her name is Daniela Bella.

  46. -_- ppl this sad exist? lol

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