Friday, October 22, 2010

A New Hope… in one status

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  1. Shelley, even with instant notifications, you still have to check the page. With LB comments you have to check the page and press reload. Not much different.
    Vincent, I’m sure your girlfriend is nostalgic for when you were a virgin too.

  2. mad2physicist, you are correct in your assumption that i am a disappointing lover. for all my swaggering braggadocio on the anonymous forums of the internet, i am but a meek and repellent individual with the sex appeal of a neutered iguana. i came here to humbly kneel before thou, o virile master, and ask you to instruct me in the art of love. in exchange, i will offer you my goblin-wrought battleaxe, as well as a magic amulet which enables the bearer to understand the nuances of irony.

  3. vincent, I can’t help but observe that whilst you are annoying like a typical troll, as they do on purpose, you’re also one with a humorous side. Quite strange to me, but you actually seem the first tolerable troll I’ve met thus far.

  4. I’m with Keona on this one, the iguana is one of the sexiest animals around. And it makes no difference if you’re trying to reproduce or just wanting to have a bit of fun.

  5. Vincent, I care not for goblin-forged battleaxes. I insist my equipment be forged by the dvergar or gnomes. And I think you need that amulet more than I do.

  6. Exactly, Walter, there are many options and places to stick that tail..

  7. i dun git it

  8. this entry is 0% lame. 100% win

  9. Novayshun, are you intending to make your name a phonetic pronunciation of Novatian, leader of the early christian rigorist sect?

  10. You retart, I’m pretty sure his name means “No way, hon(ey)” but with a Russian accent.

    That is sarcasm. The real point is “Who gives a fuck?” And also “Fuck off!”

  11. keona, congratulations on identifying me as one of my favourite literary tropes: the lovable rogue. i’m flattered by the acclaim, if not exactly surprised – i’ve always been something of a crowd pleaser.

    mad2physicist, i must sadly accept your decision not to grant me one-on-one tuition in the arcane arts of wooing. i will have to keep hovering over your shoulder in the vain hope that some of your amorous expertise will rub off on me.

  12. Vincent, congratulations on being identified as an example one of your favourite tropes.
    Also, if you’re already able to please a whole crowd, I don’t know what you expect to learn from me anyway.

  13. During the making of Star Whores: The New Poke, Leorge Gucas and I would often entertain ourselves by forcing the cast into having wanking competitions.

    We would get them to have a race to see who could fill up an pint glass first, without using any Force….. Unfortunately this unauthorised porn remake and mild sexual abuse led to us being prosecuted in four countries and we’ve been on the run ever since.

  14. Now I’ve never been interested in Star Wars, but this sounds like my cup of tea. Any spare copies lying around anywhere?

  15. this is hilarious!

  16. I just hate these fake posts. End comment.

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