Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A New Perspective

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  1. There are people that believe that it wasn’t actually terrorists that did it but that our own government agents that flew the planes into the towers instead. There are also people that believe that George W. Bush placed blast charges all over the towers to knock them down and then blame everything on Afghanistan.

  2. If you search “I know its not a theori” on the facebook search bar then click on public posts this person will pop up. She has no friends and no picture. This is the only visible post you can see on her page and it was recently created, I suspect this is fake and lamebook is really fishing for new material.

    There’s a conspiracy for all of you!

  3. ^ It’s nice to get a new perspective

  4. People like these are the reasons why we’re stuck with the Governments we have.

  5. It’s about time you found out, you’re more than a decade late.

  6. @Zatknis: Sorry to burst your bubble but I’ve known about this for awhile. A lot of the time I’m not able to find the original post on facebook under “public posts” so I would look stupid for posting anything about it being fake. When I first seen this post I thought, “A person truly cannot be this stupid,” and began the search….and ended up finding tangible proof that lamebook is creating fake accounts to create fake posts.

  7. ^ Zatknis was talking about the OP, not you, but I’d like to see more of this proof…

  8. Wte5874, I was actually referring to the OP.
    Ya silly goose.

  9. Facebook didn’t exist for more than a decade, now did it?

  10. Fake. I have been claiming it all along.

  11. Zatknis, the wankers barely have the energy to run this site properly, let alone create fake entries for it.

  12. Well said.
    Exhibit A: Another Halloween menstrual cycle costume post. Very similar too.

  13. We’re through the looking glass here, people. Who knows how far this thing reaches! Fake profile pics, fake statuses, maybe even fake commenters to throw us off the trail!

    All we have to go on right now is this fake profile, registered to one “Reina Stevens.” So, the next step is to find the REAL Reina Stevens. The first hit on the Google search for “Reina Stevens” points to a Rhode Island residence. I’ve already chartered a plane, and should be there by midnight.

    Since we don’t know who’s been corrupted by Lamebook, my best suggestion is a complete communication blackout. Once safe frequencies can be established, communications can resume.

    Let’s just hope the real Reina Stevens is still out there, and that Lamebook hasn’t gotten to her first. If they have, well then god help us all!

  14. ^ Why? They still haven’t gotten to ME yet, and it’s not liey are going to control what I can say or anything like that.**GASP!!**

  15. merles a funny mofo..laughed more @ that than the lb post..fukn funny shit

  16. Yeah #4 it people who make fake posts on lamebook. It certainly isn’t rampant corruption in the congress and the supreme court. It absolutely isn’t outright bribery under the guise of political “donations”. It absolutely can’t be corrupt media intentionally showing as much fear inducing stuff as they possibly can in an effort to keep people in a constant state of anxiety so they can’t think straight. Nope it’s definitely people who make fake internet posts. (this comment may or may not be sarcastic, read at own risk)

  17. dammit friendzone..i already read everything u said b4 I got 2 (read @ own risk) part..ur supposed 2 put directions on top

  18. @friendzone: First off, shouldn’t the warning, “read at own risk” be put before the actual message?

    And to everyone who agreed with each other about Lamebook creating fake profiles… Don’t you think it would be easier to just change a name and profile picture then to keep creating more?

    So tell you what, befriend the oh so enigmatic reina bla bla, and stick around to see if she mysteriously changes her form. Ah geezus! Some people belong on lamebook

  19. To conclude everything (without the creation of 100000’s of fake profiles)

    The post is fake; in the post he cannot spell for jack, but in the comment section below, he is able to spell some pretty difficult words (for an utter douche bag who pretends to be illiterate) perfectly and no spelling mistakes…

    That should be the onset to a fake blaming uproar… But how much time does one have to go searching for the people…

  20. I’d just like to point out that even the second fake account gave false information (e.g. “Then our military took the other two down.”). If you’re going to fake a post, make sure only one account is stupid as sin.

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