Monday, February 7, 2011

A Pizza Your Mind

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  1. Cynthia, you haven’t lived until you’ve had that happen to you. Congrats!

  2. #1 – Dick or duck, either way it doesn’t sound very appealing, thanks.

    #2 – I think Cynthia may have been sexually abused by the Noid.

    #3 – Hey Chris, it should be Ted “Theodore” Logan (not Theodore Theodore Logan schmuck)

    Ben Stever


  4. wtf is an “Aggeliki?”

  5. .. an Eskimo.

  6. One of major flaws of capitalism is it’s tenement that forces infinite wealth seeking into a finite world

  7. Cynthia: You’re easily frightened.

  8. Cynthia’s boyfriend must be very happy. She doesn’t have to go to the kitchen to make him a sandwich. She can just shit a pizza.

  9. I almost hate these posts more then I hate stever.

  10. Why do Jae’s friends believe that obvious lie. The autocorrect wouldn’t correct “duck.” Asshole.

    Funny, annieokie. Those women making sandwich jokes never get old…

    Heh. The noid. Heeee! 🙂

  11. 1. Fucking Guinness Stout and roasted duck pizza? What kind of abomination is that? Gotta be a stoner creation ‘cos no-one of sound mind and possessing fully working functioning taste-buds would even contemplate eating that shit.

    2. You fuck for pizza, groovy.

    3. Aggeliki? Bill & Ted/TMNT references? Fucking radical dude.

    Can I go now?

  12. No

  13. paranoid android, i’ve noticed recently that you have a seething hatred of drugs and alcohol. is it because all the cool kids back in the 90s of your youth used to sit around smoking doobies, drinking guiness, eating experimental pizza and ironically watching bill & ted? and you were never invited, so you just sat in your room crying, listening to radiohead/reading douglas adams?

  14. vincent – I have a “seething hatred of drugs and alcohol”? You sure about that old chap?

    The rest of it is scarily accurate though.

  15. What’s wrong with crying, Radiohead and Douglas Adams??

  16. pa – ok, i accept i was exaggerating a bit there. but you raged against alcohol abuse a couple of days ago, and you had a dig at stoners just now. i just extended that to turn you into a bitter, friendless teetotaler for comic effect. it’s nothing personal.

    wandr – crying is gay, radiohead are gay, douglas adams is dead (when he was alive, he was also gay).

  17. pizzAria cracks me up, haha

  18. GRRRR I’m so sick of these “omg I said a dirty word by ~accident!~ BLAST YOU AUTOCORRECT!” posts. nextttt

  19. I served Pizza to my current bollock drainer as a romantic lunch this weekend…. It was her favourite ‘4 Cheese’s’

    Getting my caffeine laced paste onto the pizza base was easy, but you’d be surprised how coy my three mates were.

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