Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Real Thriller

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  1. Slendermans Girlfriend

    Is it just me or has this been on this website before?

  2. Correct, and recently as well.

  3. it’s still quite clever though

  4. really Berkeley? really? this is clever to you?
    are you twelve?

  5. yes Jenny I’m twelve

  6. as you were then.

  7. possessing the mental age of a twelve year old doesn’t count.

    not in a court of law and not here, either.

  8. sure it does Ms, people been excusing you on those grounds for years mate

  9. beat it yobbo, I’m not your ‘mate’.

  10. I’ll call you whatever I like Ms, it’s merely your own courtesy returned… mate

  11. ok. you have fun.

  12. I like the seagulls in Nemo that say “maite, maite, maite, maite.” ‘cos they’re dumb animals, and Australian, so it really works.
    I don’t think it really works saying “mate” on an internet forum though.

  13. ^Fascinating. Any insight on The Little Mermaid? Hey Crusty, what’s the difference between your ass and Australia? Australia is no longer a penal colony.

  14. No, no insights on the little Mermaid you festering lump of knob cheese. The Nemo reference was relevant on two counts. 1) Because the original post was about FUCKING NEMO! And 2) Because Berkely said mate, twice. So fuck off with your condescending tones and gay jokes. For fuck sake I mean really…GAY JOKES? It was barely an insult in the 60’s and this fucking prude is still spouting them 50 years later? What. a. dick.

    “There is nothing wrong with going to bed with someone of your own sex. People should be very free with sex, they should draw the line at goats.” There’s a lesson there. Bitch.

  15. Don’t sell goats short.

  16. It’s not the fault of the weak if they are abused by the semi-intelligent.

  17. Gay joke? Women have asses too, moron. Flip your wife over and take a peek. That was a crusty-can’t-get-enough-knobs-in-his-ass joke. No judgement. Enjoy!

  18. Don’t back track now. You implied that I took it up the arse – making it a gay joke. You. Fucking. Idiot.

  19. Actually, you imply you take it up the ass every time you post. Your Sir Elton quote was golden. He’s your ‘go to guy’ on gay is okay?

    It’s not my fault you married the first woman who touched your tiny penis and now she just won’t shut up and all you want is Danny, down in shipping, to put his Ryan Gosling arms around you while you watch The Notebook. Stop living a lie. Mummy will respect you. Someday.

    Til then, flip the wife. You’ll both actually feel something.

  20. crusty, just stop being such a little fucking tease.
    you love the cock.

  21. The seagulls in Finding Nemo are saying “Mine”.

  22. ^ooeeoOOOh. well, looky here. we got us someone who knows some actual goddamn facts.

  23. Are you sure, Jedi? Because ‘maite, maite, maite’ makes a lot more sense. Care to weigh in here, crusty? You. Fucking. Moron.

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  25. Ohhhhh so you’re changing your stance on the gay thing – again. Ok. With a name like brainy I’d never have thought you’d sound so confused on such a topic like the gays.

    And either you just googled some shit about a chick flick to back up what can only be described as a piss poor insult, or you just know a shit load about really feminine films. You capture the rainbow! You funny little fucking fruit.

  26. Wow, you’re an easy little tool to wind up. Relax, maite.

  27. ^ Gay fight!!

  28. it’s fucking fabulous!

  29. *grabs sixpack and popcorn*

    I was going to tell a gay joke, butt fuck it

    it’s an oldie but a goodie

  30. it just got less fabulous.

  31. yeah….

    but it’s ok, I’ve found if I squint that muu muu you wear just kinda blends into the wall paper. Stop feeling self conscious and enjoy the show.
    Or as Eddie Murphy said have a coke and a smile and shut the fuck up

  32. now it’s just really unfunny and completely shit.

    berk. you suck @ funny. stop trying so hard.

  33. I’m not trying to be funny Muddy, stop assuming just because you have a thought that makes it true. You make statements about people and you don’t really know what the fuck you are talking about. It’s a little tiresome

  34. ^listening to you whine (like anyone gives a damn about your shit opinion) is what I call tiresome – but, unlike you, I don’t skulk about on my belly and cry like a bitch.

    if you’re too stupid to understand, just say nothing.

  35. Yes yes Ms, you never whinge and whine, and everyone is transfixed on your words of unrivaled intellect.

    I humbly beg your forgiveness that I have subjected you to my stupidity.

  36. compounding your crimes by fucking lying is not really as redeeming as you’d think.

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