Friday, December 16, 2011

A Simple Solution

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  3. This is a repeat.

  4. Not for me it isn’t.

  5. HOW OLD IS THIS EVEN. I’ve only seen this like five times in the half a year I’ve known these sites.

  6. Not only is it a repeat, the status itself was written on April 23….

  7. Does that work for 3 year olds?

  8. ^Those monsters are real pedophiles

  9. I’ve done this…

  10. MsAnneThrope; I’m not sure, can 3 year olds masturbate at such a young age?

  11. @10 Absolutely–if said 3 year-old is a chimpanzee or a marsupial.
    However, the whispering part gets tricky.

  12. who the fuck else believes in monsters?

  13. Hah I enjoyed this one.

  14. I know that 6 year old males can masturbate.

  15. The fear of darkness is not brought on by the fear of monsters, everyone fears monsters, the fear of darkness is the fear of the unknown. The chance of someone POPPING OUT AND STABBING YOU is the fear’s cause. No stabber wants to see anyone jacking off FOR them.

  16. I am not afraid of the monsters. I am afraid of it being so dark that my complete blindness causes me to trip over the house cat, fall ass over tit and become wedged inbetween the banisters, leaving me helpless and vunerable to any number of back door shenanigans.

  17. #15 MarioLizard, said “everyone fears monsters“.
    I put it to you that you are making sweeping generalisations that are completely full of shit.

  18. The funniest thing about this site is that AnneThroat lives to be a cunt in the comments. Every day all day she searches through the comments looking for something trivial to make into a silly issue. Stay at home mom for sure.

  19. This is a joke Adam Sandler makes in the movie Funny People.

  20. haha, I see what you did there ripper, instead of Thrope you put Throat, as in deep throat like in sexy time, LOL

  21. Aww. is someone feeling a bit precious? wassa matter, rip? tired from being up all night wanking at the monsters?

  22. Lol pretty much Rip. Ms AnneThrope really? if I had wanted that cumback I would have scraped it off your face last night….

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