Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Smart Start

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  1. derp.

  2. I see that you’re still stuck on $27,680.00.

  3. You thought Kenya was a town?

  4. Kenya… you mean that raper who was messing with that country singer?

  5. I have been collaging America for the last 43 years, one cigarette butt at a time.

  6. etownegeatgmaildotcom

    hey i just registered to ask…isn’t africa just a town? some people are so stuped…also, how do i change my password from the random code?

  7. etownegeatgmaildotcom

    and walter i bet it would take a long time to build a collage out of cigerets lmao and it would stink LOL

  8. Somehow the idea that a developing country isn’t yet a country really appeals to me, as though it’s a progressive scale and if it tries really hard it’ll get to be a continent one day!

    I hate collages

  9. James obviously needs to transfer to Collage America!

  10. Please tell me etownegeatgmaildotcom that you are either very young or attempting some piss-take on the ‘stupids’ of this world. Please.

  11. *hurrdurrherpderp*

  12. good

  13. ^^^ Seriously?

  14. I love Africa, it’s full of gun toting angry rapists…. so it’s almost like a busman’s holiday when I go on ‘Safari’.

  15. “Just a continent”? Is a continent somehow lower than a country then? Fuck me these people should be shot.

  16. I live in Africa, and we’re developing so slowly, we’re barely developing at all.

  17. @sprucay – I’m with you there; We need a U.N. sanctioned, globally enforced death penalty for stupidity. Every sexually mature person will have to take spelling, grammar, and I.Q. tests. Those that fail will be shipped to camps where they can concentrate really hard to improve (It’s only fair, right?). If, after 6 months, they fail the tests again they shall be put down and their corpses donated to the developing nations of Africa for fertiliser. Everyone wins!

  18. Damn good idea, moniker. And very well thought out too!

  19. Thanks Disturbed Artist. The concept’s been gestating in my mind for quite a while now. Occasionally I take the issue into my own hands and put it into practice. My vegetable garden grows like a jungle! Just joking… I don’t grow vegetables.

  20. moniker, no, people study for tests. I’ve studied for tests, gotten an A, and then forgotten everything. You can hide stupidity on a test, especially if your life depends on it. Also, dyslexics and people with real learning disabilities shouldn’t have to die for that. But you can’t hide stupid from your life. I say we set up tribunals. If you think someone is too stupid to live, you collect evidence and bring them before a tribunal. There will be prosecutors and defenders. It’ll all be very official.

  21. Awful, just awful.
    This is one of the few cases where I would support a genocide.

  22. I like your idea, lametothemin… there’s something about letting them be their own defenders that looks promising

  23. hootie the blowfish

    I love the cliffhanger. I can’t wait till the end of the semester when we learn what Africa really is!

  24. lametothemin, I see your point… there’s just something about mass idiocide that appeals to me. I really like your idea as well though. It could be developed into some sort of reality t.v. show, along the lines of Judge Judy… “Stay tuned to see James get the electric chair!”

  25. this posts sucks..

  26. Hey kids lets be ignorant together!

  27. You do realize that these people vote democrat, dont you? The people who are responsible for the current lousy state of the education system. Students educated in both private and home schools outperform publicly educated students by leaps and bounds, not to mention that student performance was markedly better before education was nationalized. When you “weep for the future”, realize it was your ideology that helped create it.

  28. @jteutulsr
    you are incorrect in your statement. you’re a partisan hack.

  29. @bphiloo, you are welcome to present numbers that prove otherwise, but i highly doubt you can. Before the dept of education was created, US students led the world in math and science and we spend thousands more per child than we did then, yet our students dont even rank in the top 25 in math and science in the industrialized world. I give no credence to a statement of “hackery” from a lamebook liberal loser. You ought to research for yourself. High school dropouts, single mothers, the unskilled immigrants that flood over the border carrying backpacks full of drugs, as well as their legal counterparts that feel enforcing the law = racism, vote democrat in overwhelming margins as democrats are fans of perpetuating the govt programs that allow these fools to exist in ignorant comfort. A study by the American National Election Studies showed that 35% of college educated men vs 21% of college educated men voted republican with 27% and 20% of women respectively.

  30. jteutulsr is probably right, but still won’t win the argument. The internet only changes people’s minds when celebrities are involved.

  31. oh God! And I thought it was bad when people didn’t know Europe’s not a country! Africa is a hell of a lot bigger! gezzzz people.
    try to actually get into “collage” (which in the real world is called College) and learn something…

    English would be a good start. Geography should be next!

    English is not my first language and yet I find myself astonished by the enormous amount of errors I find in all these posts in LB.
    These people are the onest giving Humanity a bad name!

  32. *ones

    OH.. and BTW… Africa is a continente (just in case any doubt remains ). A Continente formed by 54 countries! Hard to miss uh? =P

  33. *ones

    OH.. and BTW… Africa is a continente (just in case any doubt remains ). A Continente formed by 54 countries! Hard to miss uh? =P

  34. *continent (my portuguese got in the way of my english there for a second).. also, I’m sorry for the duplicate comments. Not on purpose! =S

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