Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Sticky Situation

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  1. Meh..


  3. The name “Thuan” is almost as bad as “Boleslaw” and “Botatosalad”. If that were my name, I’d change it to “Fµckmustard.”

  4. 1st!  SMS

  5. Wtf are you “1st” for?

  6. I came when I saw those little girls. Sorry, someone has to sub in for cheesuschrist.

  7. Oh no Hawkbit. They really didn’t.
    Furthermore, I would go so far as to suggest that you didn’t actually experience any sexual emissions, either.

    I put it to you that you merely made a ‘joke’ that was in such incredibly poor taste that it wasn’t even funny after the first 9000 or so repetitions of it.
    I am claiming that you made the decision to post your ‘joke’ so that similarly adolescent-minded autisms would think that you have big internet biceps and admire you for being totally hard-core.


  8. Oh Ms Feminist? Anne Thrope. How funny is it to find you here again. Do you mind if I call you the fun police? You’re just a little white trash cunt that thinks she knows everything aren’t you? Your dad should have BEAT manners into you.

    Do you expect a gold medal for trying to take a moral highground on jokes? So Miss mature, why are you on a joke site if you hate laughing?

  9. Hey Ripp3r, you fucking mental midget, I don’t hate laughing! I’m laughing at YOU, fucknuts.
    Even though you are apparently on a joke site and are completely incapable of being funny, your ranting & foaming doucheness has tickled me immensely.

    Aw man, I just bet you have a goatee because you think it makes your fat face look slimmer.

  10. Ripp3r you are, quite simply put, a fucktard.

  11. Just to put the record straight my actual punt at this bag of shit would have been:

    ‘The tides not the only thing that would be fucking coming in!’

    But lets not all fall out over who said what, to who, for what reason… If we’re going to act like wankers we shouldn’t mind when somebody pulls our dicks.


  12. cheesuschrist. You just don’t get it do you?

    The tide is going OUT.

  13. Who cares about your opinion MsAnne? I don’t,so stop typing and continue gagging on my sweaty balls MsSmartAss hoe.

  14. @MsAnneThrope HORRAY!!! I GOT A FELLOW LAMEBOOKER TO COMMENT ON MY COMMENT!!!!….That was what I was really going for. I am now in detached, anonymous, impersonal love with you.

  15. *So excited I could not spell “hooray.” This is deep.

  16. I just wanted you to know that I care about every word you type Hawkbit, and that I care about the quality of those words so very deeply.

  17. Aw, shucks! *Blushes

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