Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Stupendous Status

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  2. You guys better let that needlessly angry rant through moderation, or I’ll… I’ll… I shan’t donate to your legal fund. Then you’ll be sorry.

  3. Why do people try so hard to be funny? My thoughts on these posts…

    First One- Sam probably WAS pleasuring himself on the bus, which negates the humor and just makes it sad.

    Second One- There’s so much off with this that it’s hard to know where to begin. A. Mayans aren’t going to be on facebook. B. The Mayan calendar doesn’t say the world is going to end in 2010, it just says a new cycle will begin with a new calendar C. Scholars have recently come to realize that the days were off in the Mayan calendar and it didn’t mesh with our current calendar so it actually ended a couple years ago. D. The person who wrote this is only slightly funnier than Walter, which isn’t saying much.

    Third One- I’m pretty sure the red thong was either his or size gigantic. If he hasn’t slept with anyone who could squeeze in a huge red thong, then yikes and when it comes down to it, why do they make thongs that size?

    Fourth One- “Jenna” is probably about 13 and she’s either dating a 16 year old or a 10 year old. Are either of those scenarios something you’d like to think about?

  4. 2012, not 2010.

  5. Danny,
    I seriously hope this is not the person of the red thong..

  6. Wow meatloaf learn the meaning of sarcasme, Sam was lame not sad. Over used dumb joke we all agree, but get you’re head outta you’re ass.

    And the second one is just a kid making a joke about the end of the world, seriously the Mayan’s aren’t on Facebook? wow get a life or at least get laid. Trying to be all to act so well informed over a LAME joke. Get over yourself no one cares how smart you think you are, now go and recite some european philosophy or something.

  7. Ha! Sarcasm DoH! damn frenchie in me

  8. @#3 None of those people are on lamebook. Preaching hypocrisy to the wind dear friend…

    @#6 “Go quote European philosophy or something.” The kid got pretty close to quoting Mayan philosophy…

  9. meatloaf, congratulations–you win Lamebook. A dubious honor, since it means you are the most lame… 🙁

  10. Found the post amusing, but it was made all the better by the Loaf up there. Kudos to you, you have brought being Wallace to a whole new level. It would have been perfect if you were cranky, offensive, and made it personal to you somehow – but hey two ouf three ain’t bad right? (yes I made a Meatloaf joke)

  11. Comments, you took the words right out of my mouth.

  12. Must have been while you were kissing him???

  13. Word, I was about to ask after you. How is Oz? I hear my city in SA is flooded as well. We’ve never had a flood before- at least not in my lifetime.

    meatloaf- dare to use your common username?

  14. …and insanity thanks for the link on Victor’s Secret- it had me in stiches 🙂

    So although it’d be a deal breaker if my boyfriend ever wore that, I still feel bad for this guy. Nothing feels as sexy as hitting the gym, having a hot shower, then wearing a cute thong. Pity guys can’t experience that.

  15. great minds Wordy 😉

  16. Hey Bucket of Jizz, your comment “to be all to act so well informed over a LAME joke” makes about as much sense as these stupid posts. Lametothemin, your name says it all. Now go screw your sister in your mom’s basement and let the rest of us get on with it.

    Comments, I have to give it to you. Great Meatloaf reference (likewise Words) l, I like “Loaf” as a shortening of the name and you’re right that I was cranky when I wrote the first post. My apologies.

    And Saffer… that’s kind of hot.

  17. You do realize that “lametothemin” means “at the minimum of lameness,” therefore, “not lame at all,” don’t you? So yes, my name does say it all. Thanks for making me explain it like a douchebag. Oh, an my sister’s married and I’m not into girls anyway.

  18. I don’t know Saff, looks like that guy DID experience that.

    And thanks Loaf

  19. Sam you make masturbating on a bus sound like a bad thing.

  20. Samsamofo.

    Also Saffer, pics or it didn’t happen.

  21. Yes, yes…lets all go into excruciating hair-ripping out detail on every little post…I have another 5 hours to not play with today

  22. Masturbation is not illegal just frowned my upon.

  23. Meatloaf. Yes.

  24. saff, many areas of Oz are fucked at the moment, but then again, it’s the season for it. It’s either one thing or another. Last year it was fire, and this year it’s water doing the damage. Where I am we’re having a record heatwave this week; 5 days straight of 40C+ heat, and there’s more to come over the weekend. I love the heat, but I’m fucking dying here.

    And meatloaf, so you’re really going to run with that name? All I can say to that is, they are bloody big shoes (and jocks) to fill.

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