Monday, November 1, 2010

A Terrifying Typo

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  1. Sometimes I crave sucking dick, too.

  2. And, Bazinga. Ting tang walla walla bing bang.

  3. craved*

  4. crave some boobs

  5. @panda, -_-

    Why do i bother trying to forget. Please remind me of something useful, you torment me. :/

  6. I hate you, Lamebook.

  7. Aww Hobo, embrace the craving.

  8. What’s it really supposed to be though, Alex?

    And you took a picture?

  9. .. and because of your fucking spelling mistake Hobo is pissed off now. Way to fucking go, Alex …

  10. Alex I suggest you look at hentai if you crave it so much.

    Go Hen…errr…tai. No, maybe not.

  11. Sure, Alex…sure. That’s what you tell us so you can sleep at’s ok. Embrace it.

  12. Classic LameBook. Loved it!

  13. Ditto! ^

    And I thought the zucchini-cock-pumpkin couldn’t be beat! This is awesome! And Alex makes it so much better, even! And I love the pic’s caption, “Happy Halloweenie” hehehe

    LMAO @ panda and jackster

  14. Colon Capital d.

  15. Alex you fruit sculpting, mis-spelling cunt you!

    I quite like your attempt at Halloween crassness, but i’d much rather see that pumpkin, smashed over your fucking retarded head and forced down your unwilling throat as a lesson to others.

  16. Lol @ Imamofo – you sound like Hobo

  17. @curlybap – I could think of worse folk to sound like, although I’m not sure that BritisHobo would appreciate the comparison.

    We are both British, though I get the impression he is more of the refined type of British character, whilst I’m the type of character that spits on things before putting them in people.

  18. Refined – with his language? Maybe just not filthy like you haha. Anyway, that was a fabulous rant 😀

  19. yep, sometimes you crazy a dick in your mouth/throat.

    i hope he put that on his porch for all the enjoy

  20. and by crazy, i meant crave … i don’t know why i typed that.

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