Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Advice from your ass

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  1. StupidDanes would spell out…


  2. “Please stop sticking things into me!!!!” – Mobydkmans anus

  3. ↑ How about you two just fuck each other and get it over with?

  4. He’s gonna have to totally be the bottom. I don’t roll that way.

  5. ^ As a seasoned gay man, all I can say is: If you have to say it…

  6. “Please stop sticking things into me!!!!” – Mobydkmans anus…

    Funny as hell!

  7. “Thank you, Cum again”
    -Steveeers shit in a middle eastern accent

  8. “Whatever Stepheeeeeeeen’s arse said” – I lust steveeers anus (which is treated like a theme park ride)

  9. It wouldn’t be cool, you can get the same result by dumping a can of alphabet soup in a bowl, and it’s still not cool or fun.

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  11. If you keep talking about other mens assholes, it’s your own fault if you get raped.

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  13. The Beast Among Us

    Does anyone EVER get real words in their soup? The closest I ever got was: Fck yu.

  14. What are the odds it might spell poop? Would it be more or less likely to spell shit? Questions for another day. Pressing business includes Stvr’s ass hole capacity…. I guess.Was hoping, just hoping, that we, as a team, would aim above the obviously lame lamebook patron bashing.this is a great post to bash all by itself. Asshole, Bullion, Cumbucket, Damanwswttatas, Egregious, Fergi, god, herold, indigenous, jerkoff, kindly, lust, more, now, omnipotent, pothead, questions, retard, selfie, tried/true, underwear, vice, woody, xenia, ya’all, zero respect for failing to entertain me. Period

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