Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Afternoon Delights

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  1. yes! We don’t even want to hear “darker” peoples sex lives!!!!

  2. omg! someone, quick, pass me the eye bleach.

  3. Melanin Rachel, melanin.

    I’m not sure darker people eat more melon than we do, but who the hell knows?

  4. wtf is Rachel yammering about?

  5. Actually I hate melon of any kind.
    Definitely not a fruit I enjoy.
    It might explain my pale complexion though.

    Go bananas!

  6. Diddo, Word.

  7. I had to chuckle at Andrew’s too. We should all get our own free child to do our shit haha

  8. @slippy – isn’t that what adoption is for? I mean, yeah, you have to pay that initial “get the kid” fee, but hell – you get one young enough and over their lifetime, all that yard raking and mowing and after school jobs? Pfft, that’s an investment!

  9. MsBuzzkillington

    If you want a nice tan, cancer free, you’re going to have to eat some more melons.

    Dill with it guys.

  10. Maybe Rachel is thinking that superficial is inter-racial??

  11. I’m pretty sure it’s because Grace said “racy”, which Rachel assumed was a race related word.

  12. Oh sheesh, last one’s not lame.
    She meant ‘ditto’ as in, she feels the same. I know plenty of people who spell it ‘diddo’ when they’re using it in that context.

  13. all I can say, GD, is that you know plenty of lame-o’s

  14. The Matt & devon one isnt really lame or funny in any way whatsoever, The diddo one was a little bit lame but not overly so and the other 2 were mildly amusing. I sometimes wonder how some posts make it on here?

  15. Apparently, facebook is running out of gold uoykcuf. 🙁

  16. Riddled that can’t be true when theres so many mentally unstable people on my facebook alone that update their status funny/lame events every couple of hours without fail, there must be at least some good material out there!

  17. racy/race not the same, chickadee.
    I feel for Matt, I always go for men with big noses.

  18. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    isn’t this the 2nd time the “diddo” thing was used (not to say THIS particular post was the same as the previous one). I just don’t really get why it’s funny and/or lame.

  19. liketotallycool

    ever since Lamebook got famous we don’t see a lot of top quality stuff anymore. Although some people still take pictures of placentas and put it for public to see which helps but looks like people don’t do a lot of stupid updates anymore. Fear of being lamebooked? Perhaps time to gather the lamest of twitter, too.

  20. I don’t know my diddo jump starts my brain every time

  21. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    @liketotallycool you mean instead of lamebook they should have another site called “litter” or something?

  22. on Liketotallycool side I would like to see the lamest of twitter, that would be funny.

  23. SomeRandomChick

    Thanks Word! I can’t read, see or hear the word Bananas without that stupid song running through my head! lmao

  24. Devins was just mean, not lame or funny.

  25. liketotallycool

    Litter? XD cool name.

    I mean, like when there aren’t really cool new stuff from Facebook they can pull some from Twitter instead of repeating old entries or putting some uncool ones like those we’ve seen lately.

  26. liketotallycool

    @ariesdragon123 what does your post have to do with Facebook though? Did you find it on Facebook? if not I can see the reason behind the ‘rejection’. Although I did see your picture on Failblog a couple of nights ago and found it VERY funny.

  27. I love it when people get all self-righteous when they have no damned clue what they’re talking about. It gives me even more of a giggle.

  28. Also, it’s this girl named Lauren’s picture that goes to my school. 😛

  29. The suggestion that black people have more melon in their bodies makes Rachel’s comment all the more hilarious.

  30. haha…i shouldn’t even admit how long it took me to realize what rachel was saying when she was talking about melons in their bodies…I honestly thought, at first she might have been talking about having more junk in their trunk. See….stupid people just make other people stupid trying to figure out what the first stupid person was trying to say in the first place….stupid…..

  31. I think the existence Hooters is proof that the amount of melon in a body really does matter to some people.

  32. prolefeedprocessor

    Oh, Rachel…Rachel, Rachel, Rachel…*world-weary sigh*

  33. I’ve been hovering around reading for months now and Rachel and her “Melon” comment made me log on in. Oh. My. God. I totally lol’d at that, and at all the responses to her.

  34. That child slavery comeback was sooo lame! It makes me want to quit the internet

  35. Eh, child labor laws are over rated. I’m teaching the 23 month old to bring Auntie a beer. We call it Auntie Juice so as not to scar the little lamb. Wouldn’t want to be a bad influence.

  36. Paranoid Android

    In one of the many billions of alternate realties, there is a version of me reading lamebook, actually finding something that resembles ‘humour’ and then subsequently compose a razor sharp witticism which would have people hailing me as some sort of internet comedic god. Sadly, that’s not going to happen and all I can offer is a derisory ‘Ben’.

  37. the fate of intelligence

    I’ve been following the posts on lamebook for a while now and I just signed up to congratulate Paranoid Android for his comment. That made me way more laugh than the actual lb update!

  38. Oh Rachel, your every blond joke personified.

  39. lol

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