Thursday, April 15, 2010

Afternoon Quickies

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  1. Haha I thought it said Celeste 11th birthday and I was all “Oh lawl the humor is that it’s a baby and not an 11 year old RITE?” Oh well. I suppose 1th is just as good.

    Soup, I continue to find your comments funnier than anything I see on Lamebook.

    And wtf is Pokemon week and why wasn’t I informed? Can someone toss me a bone here? (I may have meant that sexually…YOU’LL never know.)

  2. ^ hello longest post in the world. Why do I always get the urge to type every little thought that goes through my head? Hmm…

  3. @Who’s That Girl boondock saints ftw!

    @Blaziken it’s where people change their facebook pictures to pokemon for a week. i don’t know when it is though. it’s like celebrity crush week. or celebrity look alike week. apparently there are lots of these events.

  4. I’m a little disappointed that Who’s That Girl? didn’t say “firth” as the first comment.

  5. @39 soup
    “I love watching my schlong go in and out through their translucent skin.” Through?? Really? That sounds…wrong.

    And what the hell is Pokémon week??

  6. liking your own status fail

  7. bahahahaha.

    -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandon you!-

  8. .

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