Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Air Forced

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  1. Has anyone stopped using the word stewardess?

  2. I keep a Sony Walkman cassette player for those annoying flights.

  3. What a complete and utter WANKER.

  4. You silly mortals and your “airplanes”. I just fly anywhere I need to go like the superhero that I am!


  5. “I don’t understand why you have this rule, therefore I will not obey it!”

  6. Cool story, bro’

    I found more almonds than normal in my handful of mixed nuts I got out of the jar today. There.

  7. I would like to kick this guy’s ass

  8. Quick question…Exactly how many marijuanas are in powdered toast? And don’t go telling me there aren’t any or I’m gonna go grab my buddy, the Brave Little Toaster and burn you into telling me the truth!

  9. See if he still thinks it’s arbitrary when he doesn’t hear “Brace for impact” over his iPod and breaks his neck. I hope he does. Break his neck, that is.

  10. he could have saved himself a lot of typing and just written “I’m a huge douchebag!”

  11. ^I second that comment.

  12. “Manstewardess”? Was that an attempt at wit, to match his attempt at cool?

  13. Man stewardess? That would be a steward then…

  14. “Brace for impact!”

    Because that happens on EVERY flight. Is someone used to landing on an aircraft carrier?

  15. And then everyone applauded.

  16. @10 … Perfect.

  17. The only way I’ll give Elliot a pass on this moronic garbage is if he’s under 12. And even then, it’s still pushin’ it.

  18. Um…This post needs to be moved from “FTW” to “Douchebags/Douchebaguettes”. The person who posted this status is a total asshole.

  19. ^How can you see where they’ve archived it?

  20. When a plane crashes because of Elliot’s stupidity, he will forever be remembered as “Elliot, the moron who wouldn’t turn off his iPod and ended up killing 300 other people.”

  21. Don’t you think that if an iPod had the slightest chance of bringing down an airplane, it’d be confiscated before the passenger boarded, or stored in the cargo hold? I mean, airport security bans nail clippers and bottled water because of the possibility of them being used in “terrorist threats”.

    I think you need to face the fact that there are many rules imposed on the public for no good reason.


  22. Sometimes, airlines prefer to keep the devices banned because they take your attention away from the attendants that are trying to instruct you.

  23. (yes I still use that word) what else would you say. dumb fuck

  24. Dumbass. Yes, turning off ad iPod is most likely a very dumb rule, but still.


  25. @kennyYy and T2000, I think the term “flight attendant” is considered more politically correct.

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