Thursday, August 23, 2012

All Hail The King

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  1. lol, Germans…

  2. That logo is a winner.

  3. I bet the penises on that website are fake.

  4. Ze Germans are coming.

  5. I can’t be the only person that actually checked that site out.

  6. That’s one shit looking site. Mein aschloch essen!

  7. I know the Dildoking…

    He’s a wanker.

  8. I wonder how many dildos he’s got packed in the back?

  9. @devoyage “Mein arschloch essen” ?? What is that supposed to mean? you can’t eat an asshole. There is no expression in German that is anywhere near “Mein Arschloch essen.” Btw Arschloch is a noun an it’s spelled with a capital a.

  10. Wish it backed up into the guy taking the picture and killed him. His biggest achievement in life would have been being killed by the king of dildos.

  11. wouldn’t it be ironic if that van smashed into PlasticPussy king’s van

  12. ^no. because you just made that up. it doesn’t count.

  13. …of course I made it up. How does that make it not ironic?. Must be tragic to live in a world with no imagination veruca

  14. ^if you say so.
    it didn’t really take very bladdy much imagination, though , did it Berk?

  15. @11 Nice try, Alanis.

  16. obviously not to someone of your immense intellect Misanthrope.. it’s quite lucky your arse has the same physical properties as your head otherwise you’d be constantly up ended with your skinny little legs peddling in the air

  17. @2 But why not a swasdicka?

  18. @Daniel: Actually you can eat an arsehole. Just ask the tribes of Papua New Guinea circa 1800. “Hello savage, we are here to spread the word of God”. Fucking chomp! Or go to images and search eating arseholes. Now fuck off from whence you came you fucking pillick.

    Ps MsAnne long time listener first time caller, you were well wrong on the shite of the week thing but I’d still buy you a timtam.

  19. Hey Bacc, on first glance I thought you wrote that logo is a wiener.

  20. did I hurt your liddle feeling, berk?

  21. Their tagline could be “Raising women’s expectations to an insurmountable level” Or “Do you want your vagina to resemble a hippo’s yawning maw? Call Dildokings today on…”

  22. devoyage…what? you can’t eat a hole. A hole by definition is an open fucking cavity lacking any substance. You can eat the sphincter, the bowel, the shit and all the items you’ve pushed up/had pushed up there since you were a wee lad, e.g. toy soldiers, pencils, pens, lego, paper clips, chicken wings, catholic semen, dildos, finger nails etc etc but you can’t actually eat the “hole” as that would be parallel to walking along the street and opening and closing your mouth in the vain attempt to eat the air when in actual fact all you’d be doing is inhaling oxygen and carbon dioxide, or in the case of an arsehole, poo particles.

  23. Exactly, enjoy.

  24. how deep is a hole?

  25. Depends when you stop digging yourself into it……Not you MsAnne, but you set me up for the spike. Crusty I’m sure I just went over your head (boom!) but on behalf of all antipodeans fuck you and the cheeseburger you rode in on.

  26. HaHa, #9 is a German grammar Nazi. Isn’t that ironic?

  27. Devoyage you sound like a cunt.

    Nails let’s be honest, which other nation would you really expect to be grammar Nazis? What’s the opposite of irony? Expectation?

  28. Nails: the metal holding places of shelter together. Devoyage; literally meaning ” to travel”. Crustylovelips……. herpes?

  29. Fake.

  30. So fuck off and travel then.

  31. Crustylovelips, your mother’s vagina that has become encrusted from last nights work.

    What’s the difference between a pork pie and devoyage’s mother’s vajayjay? Nothing, you still have to chew away the crust and lick away the jelly to get to the meat.

  32. But, crusty – I guess that’s a TRUE grammar Nazi, right? I mean, you don’t have to be German to be one… fuck it, never mind. I don’t fucking know. Why are you asking me such hard questions? I need to eat lunch.

  33. Where are you that it’s lunchtime? Greenland? Fix me a caribou burger, biatch!

  34. ^was that, like, a sammich joke?

    it sorta was, you know.

  35. ^But Nails is a bloke(I think?). So it comes under the ‘subverting the genre’ genre. I think.

  36. heh, I have a Dildo king shirt. Got it for a birthday and it quickly became my favorite festival shirt. 🙂

    Yeah, I’m Belgian and we go to a lot of rock festivals.

  37. The website is down.

  38. I don’t know why nails got 3 thumbs down…thumbs are a bitch. Have an uppy thumb, nail.

  39. Hauwie own a dildo t-shirt and goes to a lot of cock festivals.

  40. @35 Wow, Franky. You really ‘get’ me.

  41. The 3-donged logo looks very similar to the Maserati 3 pronged trident logo.

    (As opposed to a 4 pronged trident which would just be a fork)

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