Monday, June 18, 2012

An Amazing Idea

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  1. And then get rid of the number before the two pissed-off Johns hunt you down.

    I’d give the address to one of the collectors, and tell the John waiting at home to answer the door wearing a thong and a bow tie.

  2. STEEVER??

  3. NO!

    Oh, alright, go ahead.

  4. I fucked Kelly. I’m also pissed that twat got my old cell phone #.

  5. Check this out. This would be hilarious. Make a date with one of the johns, and then charge him for sex! Ha!

  6. Kelly could not be an escort

  7. So she plans to make the date and then turn up in a fake cop outfit and pretend to bust him? ..I don’t think she’s thought that one through.

  8. ^I just did.

    I came.

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